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Evelyn MitchellFebruary 14, 2024

Quit biting your lip and don't forget to breathe. Jane Doe had us all worked up with this one..

Warning: You will experience intense confusion, frustration, awe that leaves your eyes wide and your jaw will literally have naps on the floors, more times than you can count. This one sneaks up on you like a rogue, plumps up your heart and leaves it pulsating. You will be found giggling and sighing like a teenager caught holding hands. You will also need a cold shower after each chapter;Freezing cold, to tamper all of that hotness.

Oh, and these might include spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

What is Alpha Asher about?

The book weaves the tale of a headstrong woman who likes to play with fire. It wasn't always like this. She tried to be reserved, to conform to the desires of her boyfriend who was to be the future Alpha. Having her heart broken by her boyfriend changed her.

Lola and said boyfriend who had subtly been a jerk seem to be hitting it off just fine—if you could say that for a man who constantly questioned her choices and made her feel uncomfortable, objectified her and looked forward only to taking her v-card—until, well, the Moon Goddess happened. Tyler, Lola’s boyfriend finds his mate, Brittany, and he doesn’t even respect Lola enough to keep his hands off her.

She runs from home, needing some time off to herself, and after a year of living with her grandmother, training and working hard to build strength, she is met with the news of her mother’s death and is forced to return home.

Lola is informed that her ex-boyfriend pissed off a hot-shot Alpha, who declared war on his pack, and everything goes to hell when no other pack agrees to help Tyler, leading to the skirmish that claimed her mother’s life. Tyler fled from his pack and responsibilities and they were forced to surrender to the new Alpha—Asher.

Alpha Asher is a hot-blooded male, always seemingly brooding and angry. Lola and Asher meet during the pack training and spar together. Lola seems to annoy Alpha Asher to no end, and don’t we all love a strong female lead with the ability to irk the male lead out of his mind. Brava, Lola!

But there seems to be more to their hate-hate relationship because it would seem Asher is everywhere Lola is, watching her, scolding her, whisking her away to private places to ‘punish’ her for her ill manners. One might almost think the new Alpha was stalking her.

Things take a dark turn when a body shows up at Lola’s patrol unit and everyone is thrown into a frenzy. We get introduced to a new species of creatures whose motives are deadly and unknown—vampires. Deaths begin to occur around Lola, all of the same nature, and Lola resolves to find out why bodies are being left around her. She learns more about vampires and the lores that surround their existence.

Danger lurks in every dark corner as dangerous secrets begin to come to light. Lola soon understands why the vampires seem to be after her, and it soon becomes a struggle between the wolves and vampires, on who gets to stake a claim on her, especially when her heritage is revealed.

The Main Characters


Feisty, strong, headstrong, and a bad ass. Only eighteen and she’s already kicking ass. Whatever the situation might be, however dangerous, Lola dives headfirst into it, if it means protecting her family and friends, and she is one FL that stands on business, especially when it comes to standing up for what’s wrong. We get to watch her develop from a child into a grown woman ready to take on the world. Mind you, that doesn’t make her any less annoying on some occasions.


The new Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack is hotter than words can describe, and his brooding nature only makes him that much more alluring. Initially, he rubbed us off as an impatient man who could barely stand being around Lola or condoning her antics, but as their romance unraveled, we got to see more into Asher’s hesitation, the need for his constant scoldings, the tension, his keen observations of her, and I must say, it’s always the quiet ones. Can we all just take a moment to commend Asher’s creativity with his punishments? The Alpha male had Lola looking for ways to disobey him, just to experience what it feels like to get punished by Asher, again and again, and oh my God!


Lola’s childhood best friend who happens to be the more level headed one between the two. Intelligent, sacrificial, loyal, and a quick thinker. We all devoured the chapters written in her perspective, not only because they were fresh, but we all needed an insight into her romance with her vampire mate, who for the life of him couldn’t seem to choose between her or his oath to the Vampire King. That is not to say we do not all love Giovanni. I mean, he’s a freaking Italian Prince with the sexiest accent ever and a dark past that made it glaringly obvious that Breyonna might have been the only person to ever show him even a hint of affection in his life.


Not many words are needed to describe how foul a man he was. A coward who never thought of anything or anyone but himself. As if running off with his mate when his pack was in a crisis wasn’t enough, he sold them out to the vampires, just to get back at Alpha Asher, and his betrayal doesn’t even end there. Tyler orchestrates plans with the enemy to have his ex-girlfriend, Lola, taken without her will and turned into a mindless pawn.


We all had mixed feelings about this one. When Lola and Tristan meet for the first time, sparks fly, and Lola is utterly smitten by the sexy vampire. But she soon comes to understand that Tristan orchestrated the entire thing, by the order of the Vampire King, who turns out to be her father.


He was a great friend, and a love that never left. For a small time, Mason had a small crush on Lola, but it stayed as that, soon becoming nothing but pure friendship when he finds his mate who all but aids a couple of vampires in beating him to a pulp and leaving him to die. This, more than anything else, boosted Mason’s character development, making him top the bar in our list of favorite side characters in this book and made us practically inhale every chapter from his perspective.

There are other interesting people — literally every character in this book had so much substance to them, a depth that could almost be described as fathomless, and their descriptions couldn’t all fit into the pages of this. Like Lola’s grandmother who seems to be all-knowing, with a mystery that shrouds her past and gives a hint that she could be more than she lets on. Lola’s mother, who cheated on her father with the Vampire King and died too early to properly understand her character. Sean, who leaves and somehow goes missing for more than half of the book, causing Lola to lose her mind in the search for him.

She does find him, not only as a captive but he’s gone full on gladiator mode, trying to fight his way to survival! And then, the reveal of why he was so busted about Kanyon’s death and why he left in the first place? We must commend Jane Doe’s ability to build such formidable characters while retaining the mystery around their lives, then springing a secret on you that’s nearly as huge as a bomb.

More Thoughts On Alpha Asher

Got to love a naughty and sassy female lead. Lola did not disappoint and stayed true to herself till the very end. This woman had us pulling out our hair and yelling at the screen in frustration, cackling at her moments of badassery, and rooting for every minute of her defiance against Asher. She helped him, healed him, taught him to be kinder, better. Lola is an icon. A hilarious one at that.

Asher — dreamy sigh — his character was a masterpiece. It cannot be stressed enough how terrifyingly hot this male was. Every word that tumbled off his lips was for a desired effect that always hit the spot—yeah, that spot. The turning point in his romance with Lola was that scene at the pool! Jaws remained on the floor and we all had that one thought in our heads; If this is punishment for disobedience, please, by all means, punish us too, Alpha Asher. Because…what?!!!!

There’s no male lead who dishes out punishments like Asher does. It is his specialty after all—repaying in kind. And Lola was a force to be reckoned with. There couldn’t have been anyone who could handle all of that except him.

Can we also commend Lola and Asher for still getting it on in the midst of a battle? Lola was on heat! It can’t get funnier than that, I assure you. Lola and Asher are a combination and clash of personalities that you won't find elsewhere and it makes for good, hot, sizzling and naughty romance—if you’re into that sort of thing.

Which, of course, you are.

Tristan was a character we hated to love. He was unlikeable at first, taking advantage of Lola with his abilities and marking her without her consent, but it sort of checked out when we understood that vampires couldn’t entirely keep their lust in check. He was hot, possessive, albeit deceptive and manipulative, but he won our hearts at the end. I’d tell you what he did, but then, you should probably check it out yourselves!

Breyonna and Giovanni, oof. The longing and tension between these two was over the roof. Breyonna was torn between her duty to her pack and the mating bond with the vampire. Giovanni was torn between his duty to the Vampire King and the mating bond too, but it was more than that. All Giovanni had ever been in his life was a tool to the Vampire King. There are bonds and oaths that are nearly impossible to break, and we watched him mull over it, fight to be with Breyonna and oh! Their getting together was fire!

Why You Should Read Alpha Asher

Really? You still need convincing after all of that?

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Alpha Asher by Jane Doe — AlphaNovel (2024)


Is Alpha Asher complete? ›

*BOOK SEVEN* (Can be read as standalone) *Mature Content* Once a year, he holds the greatest party known to man.

How many books are in the Alpha series? ›

There are 5 books in this series.

Does Asher betray Jonas? ›

His personality change allows Asher to betray his friends in the movie by trying to stop Jonas from escaping the community and then later dumping Jonas into the river. Although I personally do not like Asher's personality switch, I understand why the writers of the movie made the change.

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