Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (2024)

Rap artist and OnlyFans content creator Bhad Bhabie’s father once raised concern her daughter has been groomed. She also had a strained relationship with her mom. Here’s all about her parents, siblings, and family.

Bhad Bhabie has made a name in the entertainment industry as an American rapper and social media personality.

She has often been in the headlines for hefty OnlyFans earnings.

She gained widespread fame after appearing on Dr. Phil’s show in September 2016, where she became known for the catchphrase Cash Me Ousside, How ‘Bout Dat?

The internet sensation has since amassed an impressive net worth and even became a millionaire in her teens. Her fortune is expected to surge as she continues to stay in the limelight.

However, due to her career choice, she has developed a sour relationship with her parents.

Her dad, Ira Peskowitz, 55, has said he believed his daughter Danielle Bregoli was groomed to become an X-rated star by people around her.

Ira also questions the rapper’s claim that she made$50 million in one year since opening her OnlyFanssite six days after her 18th birthday.

Here’s everything about the internet personality‘s family and her relationship with her parents.

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (1)

Who are Bhad Bhabie’s parents?

Bhad Bhabie (real name: Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli) was born onMarch 26, 2003, inBoynton Beach, Florida, United States.

She was born to parents Barbara Ann Bregoli (mother) and Ira Peskowitz (father).

Her mom and dad dated for a year before Barbara became pregnant with the influencer.

Her dad is adeputywho works for thePalm Beach County Sheriff’s Office while her mom is a housewife.

She is of Ashkenazi Jewish (from her paternity side) and Italian descent (through her mom) and holds American nationality.

Several challenges and difficulties marked her early life. She grew up in a troubled household and faced issues such as her parent’s separation and her mother’s struggle with substance abuse.

Her parents’ relationship was tumultuous, and they separated when she was young.

Her mother was featured alongside Danielle on the Dr. Phil show in 2016, where Danielle initially gained fame.

Does Bhad Bhabie have any siblings? The influencer is the only child of her parents and was raised in aCatholichousehold primarily. She has half-siblings (two younger half-brothers) through her father.

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (2)

Does Bhad Bhabie have a relationship with her mom?

Bhad Bhabie’s relationship with her father was not as strong as her mom raised her. Her father is a police officer at the Palm Beach Police Department.

Danielle has had a complicated and sometimes publicly tumultuous relationship with her mother. Their relationship has been discussed and scrutinised, especially after Danielle gained fame following her appearance on Dr. Phil’s show in 2016.

In her early years, Danielle and her mother’s relationship appeared strained. Barbara Ann Bregoli’s challenges, including struggles with substance abuse, were publicly addressed during their appearance on Dr. Phil. Danielle’s catchphrase Cash Me Ousside, How ‘Bout Dat? and her defiant behaviour on the show added to the public interest and discussion around their relationship.

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (3)

What has Bhad Bhabie’s father said about her OnlyFans content?

Her estranged dad Ira says he believes his daughter was groomed by those around her after she shot to fame as a viral star, TheSun reports.

He said: “Was she groomed? Absolutely. With the way she dressed, the way she acted, everything was sex related and encouraged by people around her.

“Who in their right mind thinks ‘Ah she’s just turned 18 so now it’s time to make money on OnlyFans’, you don’t think of that in a few days there must have been some preparation when she was under 18.

“It’s not normal to pay to see a barely legal girl explicitly. The sad thing is they treat her like a product. Everyone around her just wants her to make money.

“She doesn’t rap anymore, she doesn’t sing, she doesn’t go on tour.

“She sits in her house and she does her OnlyFans. I don’t know how many hours a day they are telling her to do it but to make that kind of money must be time consuming. I know there’s a leaked video of her with a bunch of girls doing sexual things.

“You don’t just come with an idea like that and all of a sudden generate that amount of people and that amount of money, you have to prepare, it is pre planned.”

About Bhabie’s hefty OnlyFans earnings, claiming she amassed $50 million in one year since opening her OnlyFanssite six days after her 18th birthday, her dad, Ira says he’s dubious of the claims, adding that it may be over-inflated.

Ira said: “I do believe she is making a decent amount of money for sure, but I never believe the amount people say – in my opinion it’s bloated. I believe $50 million is very far fetched.

“But if they are making $50 million why the hell are they bragging about it? I hope they are paying taxes because that’s a sure fire way of getting the attention of the IRS.

“I know p*rn sells and I get that but OnlyFans takes a huge cut of that, then there’s her managers, then there’s the people they pay to make the sets like hair stylists, make up and then the other girls who appear.

“It’s upsetting to me because she’s young how long is she going to do this for? Is she going to become a p*rn star or is she going to on the billboards as feature at the strip club?

“I don’t want to know what goes on on the site, she’s my daughter. But I’m sure that people will only pay to look at a naked girl for so long. There has to be something more and more enticing for people to pay continuously.”

Ira said he wanted to make it clear that despite everything he still loves Danielle and hopes one day they can have a relationship.

He says he felt forced to give up parental rights to Danielle after years of alleged animosity between him and Danielle’s mum Barbara – but says he always fought to have his daughter in his life.

Ira said he is also pleased that she has left home and has now bought a property near him in Florida.

Speaking directly to Danielle, Ira said: “Once again, Danielle, I will always be your father, and like it or not you, will always be daddy’s little girl.

“I love you and hope that one day soon we will be able to sit down and talk like adults to renew ourrelationship.”

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (4)

Who is Bhad Bhabie?

Danielle Bregoli, best known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie, is a rapper, songwriter, and internet personality fromFlorida.

Growing up in Boynton Beach, Danielle’s mom, Barbara, said she was fearful of her daughter’s newfound outlook and decided to bring her on the Dr. Phil show.

Her rise to fame began in 2016 after appearing on the episode of Dr. Phil, in which she uttered the phrase that went on to spark the now infamous meme: “Cash me outside, how bout dah?”

Since then, she has gone on to showcase her musical talent.

Just a year after the Dr. Phil episode aired, Bhad Bhabie became the youngest female rapper to ever feature on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her debut single, These Heaux.

Her fame has continued to grow, with the rapper’s empire expanding into reality TV shows, makeup deals, tours, and even a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (5)

Where is Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie now?

On December 1, 2023,Danielle Bregoli sparked pregnancy rumorsafter posting pictures with what seems to be a baby bump.

The rapper posted two photos showing off her belly with no caption.

Danielle has been dating rapper Le Vaughn since 2021 and went Instagram official in November 2023.

The two were seen coming out of a restaurant the day before the social media reveal where fans noticed a growing belly.

While Danielle posted those pictures on Instagram, she has yet to verbally confirm the rumors.

In addition to her alleged journey into motherhood, the social media star has made a fortune since her Dr. Phil episode.

On April 20, 2022, Danielle toldTMZthat she is reportedly worth $50 million.

She claimed that she earned millions of dollars by creating an OnlyFans account where people pay for her content.

The media personality also said that she would rather be known for her millions rather than as the “cash me outside girl.”

“[People think] I’m so in love with being the girl who got famous for being on ‘Dr. Phil’ and saying some crazy s–t. That’s not how I feel!” Bregoli declared.

“Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum… Call me some s–t like that!” she continued.

“Call me the girl who got a million-dollar makeup deal! The girl who made over 50 million dollars on OnlyFans!” she added.

It has not been verified whether or not she made that much money from OnlyFans.

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (6)

What is the Cash Me Outside meme?

In 2016, Danielle Bregoli blew up on Twitter due to the ‘cash me outside’ meme, originating from a particularly feisty episode of Dr. Phil, in which Danielle was brought on by her mother who accused her of having behavioral issues.

Just 13 years of age at the time, Danielle used her stint on the show to brag about stealing her mother’s car and credit card to go shopping, throwing rocks at her mother, and much more.

This inevitably caused the crowd to turn on her, which sparked the now-rapper to lash out, quipping to the heckling audience members: “Cash me outside, how bout dah.”

Essentially, this means, let’s go outside and settle this issue with a physical altercation.

Dr. Phil’s official YouTube channel uploaded the clip, sparking an online frenzy in which the video was viewed more than 70 million times.

When she returned to the show in 2017, Danielle conveyed her disinterest in what Dr. Phil had to say once again, and told him: “I made you just like how Oprah made you.”

Untold Secrets About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents: Meet Her Mom Barbara Ann Bregoli, and Dad Ira Peskowitz — Thedistin (2024)
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