Elden Ring: 7 Best Locations In Mountaintops Of The Giants (2024)

As the final open-world region that players get to unlock in Elden Ring, some fairly heavy expectations are placed on the Mountaintops of the Giants. There's also the fact that the drawn size of the whole map takes up more or less half of the Lands Between. Size-wise, it's a little disappointing since the actual playable area is a lot smaller than the map's drawing.

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But from an artistic perspective, the Mountaintops of the Giants is one of the most lore-heavy wonderlands in Elden Ring. It encapsulates FromSoftware's show-don't-tell storytelling and design philosophy. As such, the sights and locales of the Mountaintops of the Giants are a treat. These areas contained in the region best exemplify this quality.

7 Grand Lift Of Rold

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The Grand Lift of Rold is the gateway to the Mountaintops of the Giants region and this is where Elden Ring's multilayered level design shines bright. If players get their hands on a special pair of medallions, they can unlock a secret area that's directly connected (and visible) from the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

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Of course, the lift itself is impressive. It's a massive ancient machine seemingly guarded by two giant statues and is only activated through magic. It's similar to the Grand Lift of Dectus, but the mood and lighting are gloomier and darker; this acts as a precedent of what players can expect in this old and forgotten region.

6 Graveyard Plateau

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At first glance, the Graveyard Plateau might look like a respite for the players since it's a wide, open, and flat area with little to no pitfalls. Then the corpses start moving and it turns out the whole place is one huge graveyard for fallen soldiers. The area stretches across the northern quarter of the map almost as long as the frozen river.

It would've been a calm but spooky graveyard field trip were it not for the skeletons that keep respawning. In any case, it's a good area to explore as players will mostly be frantically running away from this place due to the number of enemies, leading to a lot of missed secrets.

5 Castle Sol

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Castle Sol is a little too drab compared to the earlier castles in the game but it has its own lore that makes its existence somber and tragic. It's home to an army of no nation led by Commander Niall. Niall was presumably a veteran of countless wars including the Shattering. He likely became weary of being used as a pawn by the demigods so he set up a sanctuary for disenfranchised knights and prisoners of war.

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Commander Niall sought these knights and prisoners of war and even offered some of his most valuable possessions just to buy their freedom. Thus, Castle Sol became their home away from the wars being waged by the power-hungry demigods. This also explains why there are numerous spirits of Banished Knights, as Commander Niall also took in the spirits of dead warriors and provided them a home.

4 First Church Of Marika

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Churches of Marika are scattered throughout the Lands Between and are often named as second, third, or fourth churches. Players might have been wondering where the first church was founded. That would be by the edge of the Frozen Lake in the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is there Marika decided to spread her influence and grace.

This makes the First Church of Marika a historic site and of course, a location for the final Sacred Tear to upgrade the Flask. It also helps that the place has one of the clearest skies in the game and the moon can be seen in its brilliant splendor, making it a perfect spot for photoshoots and many other fun in-game activities that don't involve violence.

3 Heretical Rise

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There is a tower called Heretical Rise near the middle of the Mountaintops of the Giants that seem inaccessible with no entrance in sight. But if players are curious enough, they'll soon discover that Heretical Rise has a back entrance connected to an invisible bridge extending from the plateau with graveyards. Thus, this area is a gentle reminder from the game saying it rewards exploration and lateral thinking.

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The tower itself is nothing special — even the reward can be underwhelming for non-magic characters. But the blind and unaided journey to get there is one of the tensest and most risky endeavors in Elden Ring. Because the invisible bridge is quite long and forks out unexpectedly. Players are, of course, expected to play a guessing game to see where their steps take them.

2 Narrow Bridge

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The bridges in the Mountaintops of the Giants are some of the most creative environmental quirks that FromSoftware has come up with for Elden Ring. Because there's only one normal bridge here, everything else is a makeshift structure that can barely be crossed by regular beings. A couple of chain bridges stand out, but they don't hold a candle to the notoriety of the long narrow ruined stone bridge.

It's the one with the golem archer at the other end. This is Anor Londo Archers 2.0 as the giant golem insists on making that bridge crossing as exciting as possible with its giant arrows. To make things more fun, the developers also sprinkled on some items to be picked up, ensuring that players turn themselves into sitting ducks trying to collect every dropped item on the bridge while being sniped by a giant.

1 Forge Of The Giants

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Speaking of giants, there's actually only one in the Mountaintops of the Giants. That would be the Fire Giant as everyone else of its kind are dead. But that didn't stop the Fire Giant from guarding their most valued treasure: the gigantic Force of the Giants. This gargantuan bowl, which also looks like an upside-down kiln, is the stuff of legends.

The size is biblical and puts things in perspective; players are mere ants walking in a world of giants, in case the Erdtree didn't imply that idea already. While there's not much to do in the Forge itself, the backdrop is a picturesque escapade that will surely yield some inspiring photoshoots. Just don't jump down the bowl, anything that goes in there becomes part of the eternal chili con carne.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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Elden Ring: 7 Best Locations In Mountaintops Of The Giants (2024)


What is the secret area of the Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

However, the Mountaintops of the Giants holds the secret entrance to the region's western half—the Consecrated Snowfield—an optional area that'll lead you to Miquella's Haligtree.

What is the recommended vigor for Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

The general consensus is to have 35-40 Vigor by the time you reach Mountaintops of the Giants, to not die in one hit, then 55+ Vigor by the end of the game. Player skill and different playstyles can allow players to get by with a lower amount.

Do you need to beat Morgott to get to Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

To get to the Mountaintops Of The Giants in Elden Ring, you must first defeat Morgott, The Omen King in Leyndell. Morgott can be found at the base of the Erdtree itself, a short distance beyond the Erdtree Sanctuary where you fight the apparition of Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

What level should I be for Consecrated Snowfield? ›


Is there a divine tower in Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

The Isolated Divine Tower is where you awaken Malenia's Great Rune. It's so-called because – as you look at it on the Elden Ring map – it's right in the middle of the ocean above Dragonbarrow but below the Mountaintops of Giants.

How many caves are in the Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

Mountaintops of the Giants Dungeons

There are 10 dungeons in the Mountaintops of the Giants region in Elden Ring: Castle Sol. Cave of the Forlorn. Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs.

How high should I get my vigor? ›

40 is the absolute minimum for vigor and you better go for 50-60 while in Dark Souls 40 was the high with many going only for 30-35. I respeced my toon to have 40 vigor after tirelessly being one shotted by so many monsters in the mid game.

Is Mountaintops of the Giants optional? ›

There are currently 7 known optional Dungeons in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

What is Morgott weak to? ›

Morgott also has no particular immunities or resistances to worry about, though from what we can tell he's got a slight weakness to slashing damage. It shouldn't be enough for you to completely redesign your build, but if you're torn between two equally good weapons, go with the one that does slashing.

Is there an Evergaol in Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

Overview. An Evergaol south of the frozen lake in the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is the prison of Vyke, a Tarnished of Roundtable Hold who came close to becoming Elden Lord, but was scorched by the Flame of Frenzy in the depths below Leyndell.

What level should I be for Morgott? ›

Given his role in Elden Ring's narrative, Morgott is a boss you cannot skip. Morgott is a Shardbearer demi-god, so you will earn his Great Rune upon defeating him. We suggest attempting this boss fight at character level 80-85, with weapon upgrade level +17/+18.

How much vigor should I have at level 80? ›

20-25 until like level 40 or so, then 30-35 until level ~60, 40-50 until level 80 to 100 depending on your defense too (and/or if you use a soreseal), and 60 for level 110+ I guess. yeah you've gotta put pretty much half your levels into vigor until like level 100-110+.

What level for Malenia? ›

The recommended level for Malenia is 120 at least, ideally 125+, with weapons of +23 or more.

How do you get to the other part of the Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

To explore other parts of the Mountaintops of the Giants, return to the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. Just behind the Grace is a slope going upwards. You'll walk into a large graveyard that will trigger a Tibia Mariner boss fight with large skeletons, much like that from Atlus Plateau.

Where is Millicent in Mountaintops of the Giants? ›

At the Mountaintops of the Giants

The next time you'll see Millicent is at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Talk to her to learn about Miquella's Haligtree and to reveal that is her next stop on her journey.

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