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It's the best bits of the week with Morgan Number two. Hey, y'all,

welcome to the Bits side of the Best Bits. If
you just heard my interview with Scuba Steve this week
and you're here to listen to the Bits, this is
just the one where I intro the best seven segments
from the show this week and we play them. So
if you're looking for the interview side of this podcast
that you guys all loved and you wrote into me about,
then that's the other side of this podcast. It's posted

in two parts. There's one part that's going to be
with Scuba Steve, in one part that is just the bits,
and that's what's happening right now. We're trying to do
this new way so everybody gets the best part of
these because it is the best Bits. So we're breaking
it down, starting off with number seven. It was International
Women's Day this week and we had to Neel Towns

and Hayley Winners on with us, who both performed and
they did so beautifully and shared some incredible stories. Here
they are Number sevens are gonna love this. Next artist
that's coming in now. Her name is Haley witters Amy.
What song of Haley's when I when I just say
her name. Do you think of Janis and a hotel bar? Yeah,
Janie at the hotel bar. Here you go, forget on

the field. You ain't you ready to start a family?
A pay gift away? That money won't make you happy.
Make good love, good company, drink good one, make good coffee,

keep your chin up. Let everyone in a while, have
a good cry. We'll go on. Make a good living girl,
don't forget to make a good life. So she's setting
up now, you guys are gonna love her, and here
she is left God on the Bobby Bones Show. Now,

Haley Witters, Hailey Wall them to the show. Thanks for
having me. Yeah, you know what I was looking back
because I'm a big fan I program and Amy hosts
the Women of IRA Country, and I have featured one, two, three, four,
five six your song seven different, seven different songs of yours, Like,
I'm just a big fan of your body of work,
and so thanks to be able to have you here, Like,
I'm very excited that you're here today. I'm very excited.

I mean, I've gotten to do a lot of cool things,
but I think my hometown won't consider me making it
until I've played the Bobby Bones Show. So this is
a big day. And what is your hometown Shoeville, Iowa?
And what isn't if I were to drive into shoe Eville,
if I were to drive into Shoeyville, like, what do
I see? Cornfields? Just driving through cornfields? We got two

bars in a church in Shoeville. Life's about balance. We
got to stop sign. The town's mad because we finally
got a stoplight. So it's pretty small town. So you
have one stoplight. We have one stoplight now congratulations. Yeah,
we do not have a stoplight where I'm from. But
we have a dollar general now love it, which is
about the same. You know, when you weigh them out,
they're both like what we got a cell phone tower

about six years ago. Nice. Until about six years ago,
you could drive into Mountain Pine, Arkansas and you could
not use your cell phone. That is wild and shoe
you've had that forever. We've had self servants. So I'm
imagining lots of farms. That corn is such a big
part of the economic economy of Shoeyville. Is that what
everybody does there? Yeah? I mean my dad, you know,

has worked at the corn processing plant. Adm Um, He's
worked there his whole life. He's now he grows corn.
He's a corn crop farmer, corn beans. It's a big
part of Iowa for sure. Do you being not just exposed,
but I mean living in corn? Do you like corn everything?
Or do you hate corn everything? I love corn everything.

She has to say that come for her mafia comes
and gets there like everything. Yeah. Um, you know what's
really cool about you? And you're gonna perform in a second,
and I'm excited for audience to hear this. But you know,
you are such a massive fan of traditional country music
and you have written songs for Martina McBride and Alan Jackson. Yeah,
I mean, aside from your career now which you are

so respected and you're so good, But how cool is
it to be able to do that for heroes of yours?
It's insane. I mean I grew up idolizing them and
just studying Alan Jackson's body of work. I mean, I
admire him so much as a songwriter too. So to
have him, you know, hear one of my songs and
think it's worthy enough to be on a record of

his is a huge honor. And he's just been incredibly
gracious and cool to me. So it's been really cool.
Today's International Women's Day, and I wanted to bring in
some women that I really think said a great example
for other women. That's why you're here today, because I
think you have your own original path that you've been
kicking down and you're going down and regardless of what
happens commercially, and now you're getting that, which is cool.

But you've always just done your own thing and let
it come to you, and I think that is that's
I really respect that. But I'll ask you now, who,
what women do you see out there? You look too,
and you're like, you know, they did their thing that
kind of allows me to do mine. I mean, gosh,
a lot of the females in the nineties, you know,
Tricia Martina, my friend Britney Spencer right now is just

blazing her own trail and it's been really cool to
watch her grow, you know, Miranda. I think a lot
of the females in the genre, I think it's been
you know, everyone always kind of tells us it's a
harder road, but I see so many girls out there
just you know, buckling up, rolling their sleeves up and
doing the work and making their music. Get out there

to people no matter what. So I'm kind of inspired
by all of the chicks right now in the format.
Now you have a banjo, yeah, because that's not if
I'm looking, that is not a ganjo. It's not a ganjo.
You're not opposing. And I'm very, very basic banjo player.
At this point, I'm going to be doing some banjo lessons.
But I taught myself this little part to the song

that we're about to perform, and I really just have
fun playing it, So don't don't judge my banjo's skills.
I would say a simple banjo is better than a
poser a ganjo. Who's great because a ganjo is six
strings and you played like a guitar and everybody's like, oh,
they play the banjo, like no, they're playing guitar, and
I think this sounds like a banjo. But Haley has
four strings. Well, I play banjo probably like a guitar player,

and I'm barely that. So yeah, she's not giving herself
an until here, and I'm like, you're right, but what
song are you gonna play for Haley? We're gonna play
a new single off my latest record, which is coming
out three eighteen. This is called everything she ain't. All right,
Here we go, Haley Witters on The Bobby Bone Show.

sh*t a peach ya ought to be picking she ain't.
The cup of tea ya ought to be seven. She
treats you lack it, broke, lacking, need fixing. You ain't
getting nothing back from all that you're given. If you're
good with who you kissing, say lovey, But I can
show you what you're missing. Yeah, boy, I can be

the whiskey in your soda, the Limdi Corona shot gunning
or Tacoma the ad Ta Hank. She's got a little
style in a Hollywood smile, but believed. Honey good is
money in the bank. I'm everything she is and everything
she ain't. Yeah, everything she is and everything she ain't.

I never know if you're gonna go back into something.
Then you guys wanted were like okay. Sometimes people will
trick us and they'll stop and then we'll go, Yeah,
I'm gonna go. We're like radiance. Yeah, Haleywood, great job, Haley,
that's awesome. Thank you so much. Um, who tell me
who your people are up here with you? This is
Laurence Sachs on a fiddle. Ethan Burke's on the guitar
and I'm Bobby. Everybody, thankye look at us, um you

guys follow Haley Haleywood's w H I T T E
R S. And Haley is actually doing her own head
lining tour and you are it's all. It's happening now,
it's happening now. It's the Hartland tour. If you're out
and you come to this show, like, how long do
you play? Do you do an hour? We do like
ninety minutes on the Hartland tour, don't My manager is
looking at me, why is that bad? Well, yeah, I

think it's great. It's great, it's great. Ninety minutes, it's great.
We've been convincing me something right now. No, no, no, no,
we've been. We've been very fortunate to get to open
for Luke Hombs, Mary Morris Midland. We're out with Midland,
and you know, you get like thirty minutes for something
like that. So it's been really nice to get a
full ninety minutes to get to really dig into the
record and get to you know, sing those songs for
the fans. So it's been cool. And the record comes

out this month three eighteen. Yeah, raced and so hope
you guys check that out. Haley Witters is here. I
think hopefully this will inspire to go follow her on
social media, support her if she comes to your town.
And on the website you can see tour dates and
everybody in Shoeyville, Iowa. I'm glad you exist. Because of
that you we wouldn't have Haley Witters here are you guys?
The shoes like your mascot, hey shoe Ville Shoes. No

high school? What they called us cow By High? Like?
But where the hawks Prairie Hawks do? I think like
shoes showey. Yeah. It was named after William Shoey, I
think after his last name was Shoey. And what did
he do? Do you know? I don't know, anita like
figure out what he cornbread made cornbreadth that totally totally
Hailey Witters. Really enjoy you. Thank you for coming by,

Thank you for having us. It's the best bits of
the week. With Morgan number two a right moments away
from Tanil Towns. You may know her for the song
Jersey on the Wall. Oh. That song was about a
kid that had died at a school, and then she

wrote a song because she went to the gym and
saw that it hanging like that. She was like, what happened?
They told the story, then she wrote the question like
if I ever get to heaven, this is what I
want to ask. So that song so good and then
you might know her for somebody's daughter. All right, and
she's here. Now let's go on the Bobby Bones Show.

Now to Neil Towns. So it's International Women's Day, and
I thought, let me invite up, you know, another one
of the women that I expect, and I feel like
it's a great role model for young girls and just
so many things. And to Neil Towns is here. To Neil, hey,
thanks for having me. Great to see. I was watching
it good to see you one of your Instagram videos
and I think it looked like you were practicing in

the bathroom, like a public bathroom. Yeah, like you and
all that your band were out. Oh yeah, what what
was happening there? See? The bathrooms are always such an adventure.
Every time we show up at a venue, it's like, Okay,
what are the showers going to be like today? What's
the bathroom? And we were opening for Reba and there
was such great refurben there. I was like, come on, guys,
we need to we need to run some stuff in

the bathroom. So that was our moment. And it was
it smelling. I mean, it's fine, it was fine. It
was fine. It was a nice smelling bathroom. They probably
cleaned it before you got there. I appreciated that. I
always do. You know, that's an extra special treatment. It's
so important to Tenil to give back. She's raised over
two million dollars for Big Hearts for Big Kids, which
is a charity Tennil started when she was just fifteen

years old, which is wild because now you're like sixteen. Yeah,
that's right. I mean it's been so long. Tell me
about Big Hearts for Big Kids. Okay. So it's this
concert fundraiser we do up in my hometown and Graham Ferry,
Alberta for a local youth shelter. They help kids ages
eleven to seventeen struggling with homelessness, and we've been able
to kind of bring the whole community together to keep

the doors open over the past eleven years. Yes, something else,
and I know I mentioned it to you every single time,
but I've always so moved when I hit it again
is and one of the reasons I thought about you
for International Women's Day is you did a version of
one of your songs with a local Girl Scout troop
of girls that are homeless for the most part. Yeah. Yeah,
will you tell the audience kind of what you did there? Yeah.

So we did this version of Somebody's Daughter with the
Girl Scouts Troop six thousand of Middle Tennessee. And these
are all girls without permanent house. And so I heard
about this troop. There's one in New York, one in Nashville,
and I was like, we need to I would love
to get to hang out with these girls. So we
helped them earn their musician badge, which I've never been
a part of handing out a Girl Scout badge before.

That was really cool and they all came into the
studio and sang on it and did some snoffing and
clapping and literally the best experience I've ever had in
the studio. It was so fun. Isn't that so cool? Yeah?
I love it, And you can start. I mean I
heard it before. I guess I knew about it because
I just talk to your music and I'm like, well,
post something new today, Well you post on the news today.
Something popped up and it was somebody's daughter, but it

was the version with the girl scouts. Yeah, they're never
going to forget that. These all I crazy. It was
so special to Neil Towns is with us, and again,
I keep up with you through social media for the
most part. I consider us friends me too, but like
friends that travel a lot, you keep up with them

a lot. On right, I'm just looking at Instagram and stuff,
and I saw a picture where they gave you a
big plaque like gold and platinum single. It was Matt,
where do you put that massive plaqueum house? I don't
actually know. I'm in like a little two bedroom town
house and I'm not sure what to do with it,
but I am so excited to have it. So cool.

It looks like the sides of a door. It really,
it's massive, and it's you know, got my face on it,
which is very cool and also strange. I feel like
to maybe have in my house. But it means the
most to know people have listened to these songs enough
times to add up to whatever that plaque says. It's
so crazy, you know, today being International Women's Day, Like,
who were the female influences in your life that you

go man without them? I don't know if I would
be here now. Honestly, all of the women in my
family are such strong, fierce, independent, just forces of nature.
My great grandmother, my my Mari Willette, my my grandmother,
my mom, all of them were just like no filters,
full of love, wonderful people. And we drove around listening

to so many female voices. I don't think I'd be
playing music if it weren't for you know, the obsessive
amounts of Shania Twain that I sang along too, and
writing in my grandparents motor home, listening to a Code
of Many Colors Dolly Parton over and over. It's like
so many of those voices definitely impacted the way that
I felt like I saw the world and saw a

place that I could do music too. He wrote this
song When's It Going to Happen? And I feel, as
being a fan of your music, I feel like this
is the most personal and artist always says my most
personal song, and I'm like, I stop saying that crowd
the eighth time, and I feel like this is the
most personal song about you. Were like introspectively YouTube this

song and did what was happening in your heart and mind? Yes, Elizab,
which is a little terrifying, but it is. I like
to be the storyteller and kind of write songs from
the other third view perspective. But this one is very
much about internal internal feelings, this season of my life
where my mailbox is full of wedding invitations of all
my friends getting married, and I kind of wanted to

write a song about what it feels like to be
on the other side of that sometimes. So here is
Daniel Towns with her song When's It Gonna Happen? Never
been good at expectations. I think I expect too much.

But if it's any consolation, well I still believe in love.
You know I got your invitation. Can't wave ruse, Mary Beach,
it is that should tell you he's inn coming. There's

no plus one. It's just me. Oh and I'll sure
up being a dress with a smile, Island. I couldn't
be happier for you. Sometimes I feel like come the
last one standing, all a girl. All my friends are

falling in love. I'm scared to death falling up empty handed.
Can't be the only one thinking wensick Gonnana happened happened
to me? And no it's supposed to happen naturally, wensyck

gonna happen? Oh to me? Who? Yeah, yeah, ain't no
town back girl? Who did you write that with? Okay?

I wrote this with my friends Stephen Rabel and Steph
Jones over Zoom, who had never met in person before,
but we've written like fifteen or so songs together at
this point. I'm such big fans of both of them.
Was that like, okay, guys, I want to go extremely
internal here. Not honestly, it was going, Okay, what should

we write a song about today? And I was like
I literally was looking at the stack of mail on
my counter and this was in the middle of the
pandemic of definitely feeling pretty lonely and going I can't
be the only one feeling this way, Like what if
we wrote a song just about that? So yeah, it
was every line that we wrote. I was like, whoa,
that's this is real. But okay, yep, we're putting this

in the song. And then we finished it and I
was like, dang it, I like this. This means like
now we have to record it. We have to record it.
It's so good. Thank you, You're so good. You guys
followed to Neil Towns, Towns t ow Anys and how
the tour go. It was awesome. Yeah, it was so fun.
People showed up, people came that they came and what

they knew the music, We sang the songs together. It
was such a dream. I'm super fun for you. Thank
you for coming in today to play. Thank you for
having me. Bobby's so great to see everybody. Good to
be here, Tanil Towns and listen. If you're looking for
a woman were International Women's Day to be like? That
is my inspiration. I don't think till not to date guys.
But I'm saying like, oh no, I was like, no happening.

Now this is when it's happened now, looking for someone
to go like, you know, I'm only looking for someone
to inspire me for I mean, Tenniel's a good one.
You're a good one. Thanks Bobby. All right, there she
has Tenniel Towns. It's the best bits of the week,
with Morgan number two coming in at number six. I

watched Back to the Future for the first time, and
y'all are digging these old school movie TV show reviews,
so I had to throw this in here. Here it
is let me know if you like my review. Maybe
you don't, maybe it was too controversial. I don't know.
Number six. So we told Morgan number two twenty eight
to go watch Back to the Future because she had
never seen it and we had an unsuccessful Seinfeld experiment.

She watched Seinfeld and she was like, yes, it's not
that funny anymore. Fair. I just don't think there's any
way to miss with Michael J. Foxon Back to the Future.
Hom on, So you watched it? How I had to
rent it on Amazon? Okay, it wasn't anywhere else to watch,
like three bucks or something. Yeah, you to reimburse you?

Are you cool? No, I'm good. I'm good. If I
hated it, I get pulled into HR because I'm making
people pay for content. Yeah, she can do that on
an expense report, right, Yeah, Okay, I guess So you
watched Back to the Future. Is it was it long?
It's an hour or like seventeen minutes. That's the greatest movie.
I didn't even realize it about the perfect movie link.

That's cool, high expectations. What think? Okay? Well, in my
past spoiler part, like everybody, is it old enough that
I can spoil something? That's a good question to ask.
I'm gonna say yes. And we're also warning people that
are back to the future spoiler is coming here. Wow.
So when I watched it listen, I was really into it.

I really enjoyed it. But something kept bothering me. There's
a little bit of incest that happens during the show
with the mom and him, and it took me a
while to get over it. I was like, he just
kissed his mom, like, I know, he's not she doesn't
know and whatever, but he didn't quite kiss his mom.
She kissed him. He didn't want that. She also didn't

know it was her son comes in the past. Yes,
but he knew it was coming. He knew that she
had the hots for him. He kept saying it, so
that part, like it irks me a little bit, but
I got over it because it was so good. All right,
what do you rate Back to the Future? All right? Well,
m I would give it four out of five delireans.

It's good, solid rating for something so old. And I
will say that at the end, as soon as they're like,
you know, we're we're going we don't need any and
he makes the big line, I was like, I want
to watch the sego. Back to the Future came out
in nineteen eighty five, Like I wasn't even old enough
to really watch it and understand it. Then I guess
I watched you watch it years later. But Back the

Future gets a thumbs out, Seinfeld gets it thumbs down. Yeah,
so you go. If you ever watch Back to the
Future too, just let us know. I'm not going to
sign that to you, but I'm going to sign something
else to you. And you have two weeks, Okay, if
you want to take the challenge, have if you've seen it, though,
don't have you ever seen The Karate Kid the original.

I want to say that I've seen parts, but I
have not seen it all the way through. Now, okay,
your next challenge, if you choose to accept it, is
the Karate Kid from nineteen eighty four. Oh, we're even
going back one more. Okay, yeah, I'll accept it. Okay,
two from today, Mike will check weather Morgan number two
will watch the Karate Kid. What's the Karate Kids review

on Rotten Tomatoes. It's got to be the most right
eighty nine? Okay, we was Back to the Future review. Okay,
I think you'll like the Karate kid, but sometimes they're
so dated that it's tough to really enjoy because it's
just wildly old. I will say too, like watching Back

to the Future is funny because all of like the
jeans are coming back in style right now. So some
of the things he was wearing. IM like, oh, we're
wearing that right now, Marvin, Marvin Barry, Yes, do you
get that reference? Yes, it's your brother cousin, cousin. Yeah,
a long time and Barry Okay, good job. It's the

best Bits of the week with Morgan number two. Hey,
this is Justin. Richmond hosted the Broken Record podcast Join
Me on Broken Record along with music industry icon Rubin
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down with the artists you love, getting unparalleled creative insight
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of the most legendary figures in music like Neil Young,
Under three thousand, Bruce Springsteen, and Naas. And you'll learn
about up and coming artists like Michelle's Honor, who talks
about her big plans for the dreamy indie pop band
Japanese Breakfast and Krumba. The Texas trio who share the
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spotlighting female artists like Miss Elliott, Patti Smith, and Bonnie Rait.
Celebrate Women's History Month with us and learn how these
incredible women changed what was possible in music. Forging their
own paths will also pave in the way for others.
Listen to Broken Record on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you get your podcasts. It's always a funny

one when Lunchbox tries to do something crazy with a
prank call. And this week he tried to by John
von Jovi's apartment using John bon Jovi's hit lyrics and
let's just say the realtor was not having any part
of it. Number five, here is Lunchbox trying to buy
bon Jovi's apartment. Come on, so, Jason Gibbles, Lunchboxes alter

ego who tries to make deals, and he often says
businessman making business deals, trying to get that money. We
talked briefly about bon Jovie's apartment's twenty two million dollars
in New York City. Lunchbox calls to try to make
them a deal, and as he does, he weaves in
bon Jovie lyrics. Yes, oh my gosh. For example, it's
my life. Maybe you know this song right here, it's

he weaves that one in, maybe one in debtit or Alive.
Here is Lunchbox trying to call and buy John bon
Jovi's apartment. Hie, this is different. Yeah. This is Jason Gibble,
business man making business deals, trying to get that money.
And I was trying to call and get some information

on one fifty five. What's the eleventh street? Wow? Time property.
Beautiful piece, Yeah, yeah, beautiful. Like I looked online, I
was like, man, it's my life. It's now or never.
If I'm going to upgrade to this because I'm forty,
I'm not gonna live forever. Wow, this is the place
for you. It's four thousand square feet floor to ceiling

windows you over. When I look at those windows while
I was looking at the pictures online, I was like, man,
I want that place. I want it dead or alive.
I don't care. I got to be in there. Imagine this.
You open up the doors, you come right out, and
there's the city surrounding you. The best part is, here's
the best part of it. My wife, she tells me,

oh my gosh, you're not romantic. Basically, she says, you
give love a bad name. Well guess what when I
surprised her with this, Uh, that's gonna change. Yeah, I
hear you. Okay, so it has four bedrooms, walking clogging?
Now Clinton for real? Like, are you guys looking for
a serious buy her? Once I submit this offer, I'm

gonna be living on a prayer that you accept it.
You know, or you've been doing it's quoting von Josey.
I don't know if you're serious or you're not. I'm
a very busy woman. I have many properties to show,
and you're waights in my time. Have a good day.
That's a good one. That's a nice one. I guess.
The thing that strikes me is you could just say

those things normally, like you know when you give love
a bad name, but it's almost like you're reading it,
you're talking normal. Then you're like, and you give love
a bad name? You wrote those down, y, I wrote
those because I gotta remember them. Yeah, that's good though.
Any luck, do you get it? You get a showing it?
I know she didn't. She didn't call me back. He
left her number though, right, I was like, oh no, no, no, no,
hang out and I try to car back. Nothing good one.

It's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two.
We love this guy. He is having an incredible March
and he talks about why it's so incredible. Parker McCollum
came on the show. He formed a little bit of
his song to be Loved by You, and Bobby surprised
him with a parody that he had just written of
one of Parker's songs, and of course we talked about

March and why it's been so awesome for him, from
ACM Awards performing and winning to him getting married very soon.
So listen right now. This is Parker McCallum number four.
Congratulations dude, you've been winning all the awards, performing on
all the award shows. Thank you. That's crazy. One award
and one awards show, but yeah it counts for all
of them. Yeah, it's like everyone I've seen and the

last week you were on it. Thank you man. Parker
text and there's like, Hey, you're gonna be up on
the show tomorrow. I'm coming up And I was like, yeah,
I was like what if I wasn't What if he
came up well, you know, nine of us were here.
Oh my calendar, all it ever says is Bobby Bones.
So sometimes it's like you come in and you do,
you'll do like some liners or something and leave, or
you'll do you know, it's like, I don't even know
if I'm actually gonna be ony. Hey, I'm gonna come

to your show. You're gonna be there. I said, yeah, yes, sir,
I am gonna be there. He's like, all right, cool,
And then I thought, man, did people ever just come
up here and I'm not here? Are you got scheduling
interviews just for fun? The one time you were out
of town, I did the thing like taking over your
office or something, going through all your stuff on camera.
It was on camera or I think I saw that
that was just me and Parker. Yeah again, that's just
I think you got just bringing artists up to have fun.

Congratulations on your ACM new mail artists. Thank you pretty cool.
I saw the thing where I guess you're on a
zoom and then you're waiting, what did they tell you
is about to happen? Why are you on a zoom? Man?
It's just kind of like this morning, it's just on
my calendar. I thought. I had a we're actually trying
to walk out of the house, go to the airport,
we're about to miss our flight. And I had a
zoom call. You didn't know you No, I was just

a normal interview, So I got it. I just hopped on, thinking,
you know, talk about normal stuff real quick and then
go to the airport. And then Miranda hopped on and
I was like it kind of in my mind, you know, right,
My first thought was just what I think is? I mean,
we're about to fly there for the ACMs. But I
was like I can't go. Why, nothing like that. So
and she said, you won? You won? Yeah, I won.
That's pretty cool. That's pretty that's pretty good. Man's as

good as you can do with those things as win.
So did you already know you were performing? Though? No,
I did not. I had no idea. Um, you know,
they when you're nominated, they kind of, I think, reach
out to your team about, you know, just in case
you do win. But I was like, I mean, I
just there's no way. I was like, I'm not gonna
win an ACM Award. But but here you are, you
are getting married. So are you saying when it's at

the end of the month, I've been saying at the
end of the month, okay, good good enough. Um. Now,
when I was getting married, I wanted to wear a
red tuxedo and it was kind of ribto um, what
have you had any struggle with what you want? Because
you're you know, you're a guy with style. You know,
I just kind of it's her day. It means it's
like the so such a big deal to a girl
to plan a wedding, right the guy you're just kind

of like, tell me where to be, when to be there.
They don't care what I think. Did you suggest anything
about your attire? I did on the like very beginning.
I was like, man, I'd love for me and all
my groomsmen to be you know, black cowboy hat, solid black,
old school tuxedo, black boots, the whole deal. And she
was like absolutely not. So like I was like, don't
asked me again, I don't want to if if if

I don't get to have any input on that, then
so what did you decides? Uh? Classic normal talks. Yeah,
I don't even I don't know. I actually try it
on today at four on my calendar it says tucks
think so calendar, Hey, I can respect the guy who
lives by his calendar. That's all I got. How many
times as he said, calendar and that's all I got.
Are you nervous about getting married? Are you ready to

do it? Not yet? You know? I mean just this
month is so crazy, um, the month of March of
It's like I'm stringing together one of the greatest months
of my life right now. So, UM, list why this
month is so great. Um, hopefully about to have my
second number one, that's why. That's why it's here. Today's
about to have a number one? Yes, had um just
played in the ACMs. Um playing Houston Rodeo sold out

seventy thousand people on Saturday, and then getting married. So
that's a good March. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah.
At Houston Rodeo that's significant too. That's that's all I
ever want to do. That's it for me. I mean,
growing up in Texas, that's the biggest thing to go.
Or if you're an artist to perform at the Houston
Rodeo and the thing is sold out seventy thousand people,

it's just craw. I don't know. The ACM thing hasn't
really hit me yet. That was all kind of a
blur and then the rodeo probably be the same way.
We're probably like in July, I'll be riding down the
road on the bus somewhere and be like, man March
was really good. Yeah it's a good, but none will
be as good after this. This is the peak, so
we'll take it in. Hey, I do if you don't mind.
I know you have your guitar. Why don't you play

a little bit? Just give us a verse in chorus
of this song that's about to go number one. Here
is Parker McCullum. And to be loved by you? You'll
maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, fining I shoot and

take this song? Easy to sit, thing done. I guess
I'm a little be harder due love than the risk.
Where does it have to be? So do my bit?
So hold your heart and I never let it go again?

So why you always angry? Why you always cry? Why
do you sleep bailong? When I know you don't like it?
Maybe you might be deference to kill you to tell
me the truth? What in the hill doesn't make to do?

To be loved by you? Come on there he is.
That's the number one song this week. We're gonna go
next week it will be Hey, I want to try something.
When you were walking in your songs always on my head?
You know why you always angry? And thank you? Thank
you ask I'm pretty get that, but I was thinking
about it, and I wrote the first four lines to
a parody. And I don't want to do parodies anymore.

But play me, you know, don't sing, but play me
the chorus on your guitar. All right, here we go.
I'm gonna do you want that same key? Yeah? I
mean what do I know? All right, sure, here we go.
So why you got it? I'll start it? So why
are you always angry? Why don't you just eat lunch?

There's lots of leftovers. Just go and heat it up
and use the microwave and clear off the screen when
you're done. Just stop winding that you're hungry. Don't know
the rest. And I never got this far with the song,

thank you very much, thank you? List? Yeah? Are you
always angry? You didn't sing though, Oh I thought you
were taking it home. I've never heard anyone take it
home more than I just took it home. No, that's
all the way home you ever get on stage. And
this is on both side of it where one night
you feel like, man, I'm killing it, like my voice

is good, I'm on like just and you're like, man,
this is one of those rare nights where everything is
perfect and then at the same time, do you have
nights where you're like, man, everything is wrong, like I'm
not hitting? Does that? Do those happen often? On either side? Man,
I'm just so critical of it. It's always the second one.
Every night. It's like, oh, man, well we just as
soon as we walk off the bus, me and the band,

or as soon as we walk off the stage, the
band and I are always sitting there. You know, how'd
your ears sound? How did it? You know? What'd you think?
What the you know? And sometimes we feel like we
play terrible or I sound terrible with the crowd energy
is so electric it doesn't even matter, you know. So
I'm in my head about it every single night. We
record every show, listen to every you do. Yeah, oh,
like game tape, kind of like watching film. You're gonna

drive yourself crazy. Oh, it drives me insane. I just
wanted to be perfect. I'm a big believer in getting better.
But if I did that, I couldn't do it. Every
night because I would always hate myself. Yeah, it's we
usually get on the bus and somebody we listen to
the show and they'll be like listen, and so it's
I don't know, that's to good for you. Do you
feel like you get better from it? I hope. So

do you ever say anything stupid? Like when you're talking
and you're back and you're like, why did I say that? Oh?
All the time? There's a video on the internet. One
night we were playing somewhere in like Kansas or sometime.
It's big outdoor stage. It was super windy and it
was just blow and the whole show, and at some
point it's like on TikTok or something that popped up
recently that sounds so stupid. I'm like, I'm like, how
much wind can there be? It has to go all

the way around the world at one point, like surely
we're going to run out of wind before the end
of this show. It goes all the way around, like
it has to go to the other side. At some
point there's no way there's any wind left. And after
the show you're like, what is he talking? We're listening.
It's a smart all coming up road for you. Right now, man,
you're about to get married. I mean, she's awesome. The

just numera know, I'm gonna say she's the man, but
she's not the man, she's the woman. Well, you got
it all going. Congrats on wedding. You're not singing at
your wedding? Right No? Sure? Okay, thank god. It would
just be awkward for everybody. It'd be awesome. It'd be
awkward for everybody. And everything with me and Holly Ray
is always about me, Like everything we go to is
for me. Everything, you know, I've got to get on stage,
do the interview, everything's that a way. And so I'm like,

that's like such a big dage. She needs to be
about her. So is that often a convert because we
have that same conversation where so much is about when
we go places. A lot of the time she just
ends up being Bobby's wife and we have to purposefully
find things that and I try to make an effort
to do things where she's just not my wife or

I'm just a dorky guy that's with her because she
kind of deserves her own spotlight. Yeah, I always trying
to just make sure that she doesn't feel like that
and I enjoy that, you know, Like I mean, everything
is it's always we're always going somewhere doing something for me.
So I'm always trying to go places and do stuff
for her. But I don't know she's really She's just
the bomb dude. She handles it so well and it's

still kind of new for her. I think a lot
of the things we do, like being at the Awards show,
I think to thought that was the coolest thing in
the world. She saw Brittany Audine, and Brittany came over
and said hello, so, um, you know those those kind
of things. I think she's probably it's probably okay too.
I congratulation the bank. You there. He is Parker McCullum.
I was working a couple of the lines here for
the song that was gonna be smash Up. Yeah. Well

because at the second verse, why are you always angry?
Why don't you just eat lunch? There's lots of leftovers,
just go and heat it up. And I feel like
a food reference here, like, um, maybe have some pasta
in the drawer. There's a grilled cheese, right, So let
me find you. Because she's what a man have to do.

Hold on, hold on, don't don't know. I'm writing a
song here. I thought about that. No, hold on, man,
So what's have to do to be loved by you?
And I would be like, chew, I need some food
like that's why I'm chasing that last part of chasing
it hits, shall you? Yeah? This why I do? I
chase this all day, all time? How to believe you?
All right? From the from the top three two? I

don't know how to count. I don't know what's happening here.
All right, there we go? So are you always hary?
Why don't you just eat lunch? This tons of leftovers?
Just go and heat it up. Maybe have some pasta

in the drawer. This a grilled cheese. You don't have
to tell me, don't have you, can't do Please, it's
gotta go you to be I had him. I'm gonna
work on this all night and I'm never gonna bring
it up again. I've I've got a hundred that are

that finish, that are that close, So just shut up
and eat some food. I'm pretty much there. I'm pretty
much Parker McCallum. Follow him at Parker McCallum, let me
say this, he'll be out. I got a couple of things.
He's playing with Eric Church and Brothers Osborne in Milwaukee
on May twenty eighth for that stadium show. It's going
to be massive, gnarly um the Rodeo Massive. Can you

still get tickets? It's sold out, but sometimes they do
like a little blaba tickets at the very end. Yeah,
it's so, but I know, I know a guy. If
anybody needs tickets, And here's Parker's cell phone number, call him.
It's the gold Chain Cowboy Tour. You get a chancy
Parkers Live shows are great. Just go to Parker McCollum
dot com. He'll be Corpus Christie Carl's Bad Tucson, Orlando, Madison, Alabama.

He's a great guy. I consider him a friend. It's
all on my calendar and there he is, Parker mccallmyoday,
Thank you, thank you. It's the best Bits of the
week with Morgan. Number two. This was the last week
of submissions for our Bobby Bones Show theme song, and
oh my goodness, there were so many good ones y'all,

Like I cannot even explain this. You're gonna hear the
last ones here. But also you can go on Bobby
Bones dot com and see these six finalists before we
start voting next week. Let us know your favorites when
we post that next week. Not yet, don't be coming
up in my DMS yet, but soon you guys can
place your votes for the Bobby Bones Show Theme song
number three. All right, final batch of theme songs that

have been written by listeners for this show. I said, hey,
write us a thirty second theme song. I'll pay somebody
five hundred bucks in my own money. So this is
the last week we have three. We're gonna move one,
maybe two of these into the semifinals. This is Angie, Kay,
she writes me, and my buddy Chris made the winning
theme song right here. Then listen to the Bobby Bones Show.
Since y'all started. It's Bobby from them something good. Listen

the best friend lunch boxes yelling any woman so when
away we can't so, I'm it's that is so good?

What she's a mess? Wow? That's really good. I mean,
there are two more. How do we play that? I
don't know even I don't know any that's really good?
Are k Wow? And Chris? Uh yeah, buddy, that's that's
really good. Okay, and she's really good. Okay. Here is
m R and D. That's all. They call themselves R

and D. And they wrote, here's our submission to be
put into the running of the theme songs love this show. Wow,
we should have put that one last. Huh Is that good?
Are the other ones good too? It's anous all right,
here we go. Here's number two, wake up, wake Up,
And in the turn the radio and the lunchbox, we'll

get to school. Steve bred out of trying to put
you through. He's riding this week's next year. The Bobby's
on the mix, so you know it. This that's really
good too. And they mentioned Mike d which who's such

a big part of this show, and some people never
mentioned him and I always feel bad because, yeah, he
didn't talk a whole lot, but he's so important to
this show. That's really good too. The vibe is definitely different.
That's good. That's good too. Dang, all right, here's our
final one for today. This is Katie, she says, morning
studio after. I love hearing some of the song entries

for the BBS theme song. I'm not fancy so it
probably need to be sung by Abby or Lunchbox. Thanks
for giving us listeners a fun opportunity. Hope this song
makes all of you smile. Katie K and my not
North Dakota. It's modern in time to wake up, turn
the radio on and jim out with the Bat Team

crew to your favorite songs and boone Head stories. Or
in the morning, Corney, you know, we got game Scalore
easy trivia. You're gonna get you feeling. I feel good. Oh,
I feel so good. Hey, hey, y'all, that's actually really good.

She didn't have the production capabilities or resources the other
people had, but that was really good. And then she
did some little good Yeah, that's good. That good man,
that's good good. Um. This is what I would say
because all three, I mean, I would say that those
three are are bed than most of the ones from
the early weeks because it just got better each week.

But we can't move all three through. I think we
probably move in the first two through. We can move
the first two through. Do you guys feel good on that? Yeah?
Because they're both so good. Um, so we'll have six
and then next week we'll go through those and cut
it down to three and then to one. Okay, so
we're gonna move Angie K and R and D through
play ANGI K again one more time, and then from

the end of this we'll just go into the song.
Let's see if there how this feels. It's Bobby and
I'm playing from them. We'll tell something good listens like
the best foot He's a woman like it's so mad

he nay, we can't. I'm so so it's it's good.

All right, there you go. It's the best bits of
the week with Morgan. Number two. Good Golly, Miss Dolly.
She was on the show this week. I love me
some Dolly Parton. She is just a powerhouse of a human.
I love her and every time she comes on the show,
it just makes me happy and light up inside for

at least the entire day. So I hope this interview
brings you some joy because Dolly is just the best.
Number two, Dolly, good to talk to you, Good to
talk to you. How are you? I'm pretty good to
have your have your book right here, and you were
we were talking about the book. We were talking about
the album that came out with the book last week.
So this and you hosting the ACMs. See, everybody gives

you credit for being really small, and I think they
should because you've you've packaged all this together. You can
do all this press at one time, and you're knocking
it all out. This this is amazing. So let's talk
about the book first that came out today, Run Rose Run,
because you wrote this with James Patterson. How do you
guys become friends? How do you guys get in touch
with each other? Well, actually, he called me he was

interested in writing a book with me. I don't know why,
but he was. I guess he had written a couple
of things for different celebrities, for different popular people, and
so he called and asked if I would be interested
in writing a book with him. I said, well, that
that depends. I was shocked that he called start with.
I thought, why does he need me? He's doing okay
on his own. But he I said, I would be

interested if it was really something I could really take
part in and really be, you know, able to really
contribute to it. So I said, won't you come to
Nashville and we'll talk, And so he flew down and
we got together, and he told me that he'd liked
to write something about Nashville, and I thought, well, that's
certainly something I know about. So it really worked out

really well and we've just really clicked. I liked him
a lot. I thought, well, we'll be able to work together,
because it's very important when you have to do a
project that you like the people you haven't spend that
much time with. But he's really a great guy and
we just got along great. We both were able to
contribute a lot to each other. And me being in

country music all my life and in Nashville for fifty
seven years, I thought I knew a little bit about it.
James Patterson is so successful in his line of work.
Obviously you are in yours. But is there ever anyone
or has there been one in the last ten fifteen
years that you've met and you've been star struck by. Well,

I'm star struck by anybody that does really good work
and tries to make a difference in the world. And
that was one of the things I loved about James.
He's really interested in like making the world a better
place as I am, and you know, he's very big
on charity work for children and all that. So we
really clicked on many ways. But I'm always impressed with

people that do good things, So I can't just necessarily
name a bunch of people, but I think it's all
great when anybody steps up to try to do better.
The ACM Awards are tonight on Amazon Prime Video and
you're hosting, and I guess it goes to again, you've
done so many really cool things. Do you get nervous
to perform ever anymore? Well, you always get nervous because

you want it to go well. You hope you don't
mess up too bad. But that's what they call those butterflies.
I don't think you ever outgrow that. I don't think
it should because that's also part of the excitement. But yeah,
I'm always hoping to do good and hoping I you know,
don't disappoint anybody. But just as soon as that light

hits me, I'm often running then it's too late now.
So I always look forward to it. I love the crowd,
I love doing that. I've been doing television all my life,
so I'm looking for forward to it. I'm excited about it, really,
you know. I was just looking at some of the
stuff over the past since the last time we've spoken,
which was the baking line with Duncan Hines, the ice

cream you know, the book that's out today, the music
last they came out last Friday, and you know, there's
so much that you're involved in. Do you have a
person that you trust where you sit and you go, Okay,
let's decide what massive projects we're going to take on next.
Because I'm sure people are throwing ideas at you all
the time. How they do I have been blessed to
be surrounded with wonderful people, and of course in the

marketing and management, Danny Nozell and his crew have done
a wonderful job working all that out. You've got to
have great press and Danny's always putting together a great group.
And of course it depends on what all you're working with.
That's what we do here in Nashville. Same with my
people in East Tennessee with Dollywood and the management there.

You know, I just I am so blessed to have
all these smart, wonderful people to help me out with
all that. Of course I'm the creative force, but they
have to get out and do all the hard work
and make all these wonderful things happen. Do you have
a favorite song to sing live now? And has that
changed over the years where you have an affinity for
a different songs as you know, different years go by well,

it happens almost not just in years, but almost in
days or nights, because sometimes if there's a certain thing
going on that I relate to a certain song about,
like for instance, Code of Many Colors, I sing all
the time, but when my mother passed away, it was
just so hard for several months for me to be
able to sing that song without actually really breaking down

where I couldn't even finish the song, or even that
little set you know about family. But now you know,
I sing it and it takes on a different feel
than it did when Mama was living. It's more of
a precious memory kind of thing now. But sometimes, you know,
it depends on the mood I'm in. Some nights, I
love singing I Will Always Love You Best. I always

love singing that one because every singer loves to have
a song that where you can really sing low and
let the dynamics, you know, where you can go up
and down and then really let it go at the end.
So I always enjoy that one. But I enjoy singing
the songs that the audience responds to the most, Like
when I start into nine to five, the crowd just

goes crazy, start clapping, even before I when they start
hearing the you know, just the rhythm of the song.
So it just depends on the night. But I'm thankful
that all of them are received so well. I have
two questions for you and we'll wrap here. But there
was a story about Keith Urban being your dream duet partner.
Are you guys actually working on that now? Because once
that becomes a story, I think Keith probably reaches out like,

is that is the thing? Well? Actually I did a
do it with him many many years ago with him,
but I would love to actually have something else with
him because I think our voice is fit. I've always
loved him to death. He just feels like a member
of my family. He reminds me so much of my
brothers Randy and Floyd, who I used to sing with

all the time. So I would love to do something
else with Keith and have a real single and have
a big hit. But he's got, you know, he's got
so many people are running after him. But anyhow, someday
that'll happen again. I hope He's so talented. I love him.
Final question is, after you do a performance of any kind,
does someone then grab your clothes and go, Okay, we

have to say this, because this we will donate it.
We will put it on display, like every single thing
you wear, is that a thing? Well, actually everything I wear.
If I really love it, I'll wear that again, especially
if I'm on tour. And after a few weeks somebody
asked me if I only wear clothes wants. No, there
are some things I only wear ones, like if it's
a really big event, and then we put that in

the museum. But that's rare because usually I'll wear things
different times until I'm finished with that, and sometimes we
even remake them, like if they're a long gown, we
might shorten it and then work like that for a while,
and then if it's done so many important things, it
goes in the museum, or we auction it off at
some charity events. You guys go to shopt Dolly parton

dot com. Get Run Rose Run. The music came out
last Friday, Dolly, thank you, great to see you and
hopefully I will see you soon. Good luck tonight, Okay,
thank you looking forward to it all right, bye bye.
It's the Best Bits of the Week with Morgan number two,
and of course this one had to come in hot
at number one because oh my goodness, what a crazy

story from Abbey about her boyfriend a medical emergency, Like
just so crazy of a story, and we're so glad
to hear her. He's okay, but you got to hear
it for yourself, because this is just like one in
a million. I don't actually know the odds, but this
is like one in a million chance that this happens
to somebody, and it happened to Abby's boyfriend, and it
was really scary for her, scary for him, just ate

all around crazy situation, and she shared it with us.
So though, so glad he's okay, sitting love to him
if he happens to be listening to the best bits
right now. Number one, Okay, let's talk about Abby and
her boyfriend being airlifted to the hospital. You guys voted
before he came to the segment. This is the one
you wanted to hear. Yes, Abby, so you have a

new boyfriend. You guys have been dating for how long now?
It was February third, so that's a little over a month,
fresh Verry, So if you call the show, Abby's our
phone screener. She has a new boyfriend. And why that's
quick to even be a boyfriend. Huh, well, I mean
that's like when we were like official, but it was
before Christmas, so and so what happens? What happened? Yeah, okay.

So I went home to visit him a couple of
weekends ago, had a great time. I got to meet
some of his friends. We went to a show. And
then so he lives like an hour or so away
from Wichita, which is Whichita was where my parents live.
So we were gonna he was gonna meet him the
final night, and we went to dinner and it was
just like a super quick dinner, and then we kind
of went our separate ways. They were going to take
me to the airport the next day, and he drove

home and I didn't really hear from him, and I
was like, okay, I guess maybe he fell asleep, you know.
And so he calls me at six in the morning
and I was like, oh, he's calling me to say,
you know, are you awake for the airport? You know
you better go. Yeah. I was like, oh, how sweet.
And I answer and he's like, don't worry, I'm fine,
but I am in the hospital. I was in the
r and I had to be airlifted in the helicopter

to Kansas to k You met in Kansas City and
I was like, what I thought I was dreaming? I mean,
this is six in the morning and you had just
seen him the night before. Yeah, everything I thought was fine,
and I was like, what are you saying. The first
thing I thought was, you know, he was in an accident,
like a car accident or something. But it turns out
as we were eating dinner, he went to the bathroom

really quick, and I wondered why. I was like, oh,
that was kind of weird. He didn't say anything. He
choked in the bathroom. He was choking on a piece
of meat and it ruptured his esophagus. What So there
was like a tiny hole in his esophagus and on
his drive home he was in so much pain. And
it turns out his chest cavity was full of air,
like if he would have gone the whole Yes, as

he was coughing and drinking water, it was like leaking
out of hi esophagus. Who oh, Like that's like life threatening.
So then what happened he pulls over it is he
So he went home and he was like, okay, this
is not normal, and he called one of his neighbors
because he lives kind of in a smaller town, and
he was like, what do I do? Like, she was like,
I'll drive you to the hospital. And they don't have

the resources at that hospital for what he needed. So
that's why they needed to get a helicopter to take
into Kansas City. He remember the helicopter ride he does, yeah,
and he was like, yep, he was. And it's funny
because one of the medics on there was like asking
him questions and he's like, so, do you have a
girlfriend And he's like, yeah, she's in Nashville. And they're
like if she a singer. He's like, no, she works

on radio and they're like, oh my gosh, Morgan, He's
like no. I was like, what in the world. Why
are you guys having a conversation on the way to
the hospital. Now, yes, he has not I've been able
to eat for two weeks and he has another week
or you can't eat. He's been drinking like he's lost weight.
It is it's insane. I didn't even know this was

a thing, this could happened. But through his esophagus, like
he can take liquid or like a feeding tube. So
they had to do a test where you drink this
die to make sure it's not leaking out really bad
or he would have had surgery. So like I was
waiting for those results and it was so nerve wracking.
Are you excited about this Saturday? Yeah, he is gonna come. Yes,

It's the first time I'm seeing him since this has happened,
So I'm very excited. Bring him on stage. Okay, okay,
And just so that we're learning from this segment as well.
Like online, it says you have to go to the
emergency room right away if you feel like this happening
with your esophagus, because if it is treated within twenty
four hours, chances of survival are high. But then if not,

it goes all downhill from there because it was all
going into his chest cavity. Yeah, yeah, I mean that.
I'm glad Victory got a helicopter ride. That's fun. Meet.
I can't believe it. Um Abby will be on Saturday
with us. The Raging Idiots are playing Strawberry Festival right
outside of Tampa and Plant City, Florida. You guys can

come to the show. Still tickets to be had, just
go to Raging Idiots dot com or Strawberry festival dot
com and Abby will be doing a little performance national anthem.
Shall we sing in a song in our set? It's
gonna be great. I can't wait. I'm so excited. And
then um, if he pays for a meeting, great he
can meet Eddie. Oh yeah, I mean I may wave
the fee for that game. Okay, yeah, I'll meet him.

But Eddie he's difficult. So right, all right, Abby, I'm
glad he's okay. Wait too, thank you? Were you guys
happy you picked that segment? Yes? Okay? Well and what
this is what we learned? Learned? Chew your meat? Yes,
don't be swallowing it real quick, because you got to
attract a female from me. You just want to talk
and say funny things and impress. He was meeting the parents, though,
I'm sure he was a real nervous It was his parents,
right or yours? It was mine? It was mine? Yeah,

so he could have been a little nervous. Gone so bad.
So glad he's okay. It was he the steake like
I've ever been before. Wow, he's trying to drink the steak.
That's what it sounds like. It's the best bits of
the week with Morgan Number two. That's it, y'all. That

was just the bits. So if you come to Best
Bits every weekend looking for the behind the scenes interview
side of this, which most of y'all shared with me
that you are, then make sure you look at the
other part. There's two parts of the Best Bits now
that I get posted on this lovely Saturday, and one
of those is the interview that you don't have to skip.
We just talk for the straight time that it's shown.

We talk the whole time in this weekend. My guest
was Scooba Steve, So go listen to that. Y'all have
a beautiful weekend. Radio Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones. Hey,
this is Justin Richmond, host of the Broken Record podcast.

Join me in music industry icon Rick Rubin along with
authors Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam as we chat with
legends like Neil Young and Under three thousand and upcoming
artists like Faye Webster about their life and their careers.
In honor of Women's History Month, we're spotlighting groundbreaking female
artists like Miss Elliott, Pattie Smith, and Bonnie Raitt and
celebrating the strides they've made for women. Listen to broken

record on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you
get your podcasts.

Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2 - The Bobby Bones Show | iHeart (2024)


What's Bobby Bones real name? ›

Born Bobby Estell on April 2, 1980 in Hot Springs Arkansas, Bobby Bones grew up in a small town in Arkansas.

Where do they record the Bobby Bones show? ›

The Bobby Bones Show is an American nationally syndicated country music radio show aired during the morning hours. The Bobby Bones Show, which originally aired from Austin, Texas, now broadcasts from studios at WSIX-FM in Nashville. The show is syndicated by Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia.

What is lunchbox's real name? ›

Lunchbox (real name Dan Chappell) was delivering food for Jason's Deli at the time.

What is Amy's real name from The Bobby Bones Show? ›

Amy Brown, co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, did not plan on a career in radio. After finishing college at Texas A&M University, the Austin native started a career in sales, but randomly landed a job in radio after she met Bobby Bones at a restaurant.

What town in Arkansas is Bobby Bones from? ›

Early life and education. Bones was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on April 2, 1980, and raised in the small community of Mountain Pine, Arkansas. He has said his mother became pregnant with him at age 15, when his father was 17. He was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother.

How much is Amy Brown from Bobby Bones worth? ›

Earnings and Personal Life Insights. Amy has achieved numerous milestones in her career, and her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million. While she is unquestionably dedicated to her professional endeavors, Amy also holds her roles as a mother and wife dear to her heart.

Are Amy Brown's kids adopted? ›

Several years ago Amy met her son when he was only 2 1/2 years old, but at that point they weren't matched for adoption. Her and her husband adopted him when he was 7-years-old, and yesterday he just turned 12-years-old.

What does Caitlin Parker do for a living? ›

Caitlin Parker is a textile artist, natural dyer, gardener and naturalist. Since receiving her BA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London and her MFA in painting from Bard College, Parker has exhibited her work in galleries and museums across the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Is Bobby Bones married? ›

In July 2021, Bones married Caitlin Parker.

Why is he called Bobby Bones? ›

Before his first shift, they fired somebody and told him it was his chance to go on-air, but he couldn't use his real name and could either go by Bobby Z or Bobby Bones. He thought they were both stupid, but he chose Bones because it sounded more like a pirate or human.

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