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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's the Best Bits of the Week with Morgan Number two.
What is up, y'all? Happy Easter weekend. I'm so excited
to be hanging out with y'all. Maybe you have some
really big Easter plans. Maybe you're hanging out with family
or doing an Easter a hunt, or you're hanging out
with friends, whatever it may be. I'm just glad that
I'm with you all right now to catch up a

little bit before the craziness of the holiday happens. I
also want to mention make sure you guys check out
Best Bits Part one. I know a lot of y'all
come here to catch up on the show and make
sure there's nothing that you missed. But I also encourage
you guys to listen because it's my favorite part of
getting to do this podcast. Every weekend is a different conversation.
Different person from the show comes on this weekend. It's Amy,

and she helped me with some advice of things that
have kind of been happening in my life lately. We
talked about some dating stories that I've had, also just
a weird incidents that happened to me in a waiting room.
She also shared a kind of Scammeler, and she also
shared a conspiracy theory about one of a lot of
our favorite grocery stores. Those are huge. Plus. We also

talked about something we used for the very first time
and it has changed our lives. So there's good stuff
over there that I hope you all go check out
and you will really enjoy, not just because it's bringing
on show members, because they're fun conversations with a friend
and I hope they add a little bit more to
your Saturday. But we did have a lot happen on
the show this week, so let's go ahead and dive
right on in. We went around the room and ask

some questions to each other so we can get to
know one another. Some of those questions are like, what's
the place you've been to and you'll never go again,
Or what is something you tried for the very first time,
or well, it's a smell that doesn't actually smell good,
but you kind of like it. Maybe you can use
these at your family gathering to get to know each
other a little bit better, or maybe you don't want to,
but I think they'd be pretty fun to ask. Number seven,

let's do questions for the room. Everybody has one ask it,
Eddie your first. Okay, So last week we had Landy
Wilson on the show, and I kind of messed with
her a little bit because we well, about a year ago,
we did a truck shoot together. We were in it
the video together, and then she went on to do
a RAM truck commercial with her song, and there they
gave her a new truck and gave me nothing. So

we just messed with her. I just joked it. Yeah,
she's famous. Yeah, I get it. But on the way out,
she goes, Hey, Eddie, I'm gonna work on getting you
that truck. Hey is she serious? Did you got? First off,
did you guys hear that? In second? Was she serious?
First off? Did they use her song and a real
truck commercial though? Yeah, which I not the one you
did with her, which wasn't a real TV commercial. No.
I think they used I Got a Heart a truck

and like a National truck. Yeah. Yeah. But my point
was that they would have never even known Laney if
it wasn't for our videos. Yes, they would have, because
they asked Laney and I to do it, and I
couldn't get there. You serious? Yes? And so I said,
I said, use Eddie and then you went and they
knew Laney already, So that's not accurate. Now I could
have gone my whole life without knowing that. But you're

asking a question too. No truth hurts. Do you want
to know if she was being serious? Which as she
walked out of the room, she said, Eddie, I'm gonna
work on getting you that truck. So you want to
know if you should hold her to it? I mean serious? Well,
I mean I'm not gonna like it hit her up
on DM and be like, hey, Landy, that truck, just
reminding you. But do you think she was serious? No?
I think she was absolutely kidding. Oh, And she was

walking out, She's like, Naddy, I'm working on getting that truck.
That's what I thought. No, I think she was just
playing around, like she's really sweet like that. But I
don't think she's gonna call Ram and be like, hey,
can you kiss Laney kind of get Ram on the phone,
get the president Ram, Yeah, my friend Eddie. Dang, Yeah,
I don't think so. Lunchbox I took it as serious.
I was a little bit jealous when she walked out

and said it. I was like, Dang, Eddie's about to
get him a new truck. So you heard it, So
I heard it, and so I think you should send
her a DM in like a couple of weeks to
be like, hey, is there any update on the truck?
Absolutely that is that makes me thinking about you doing
that talking about it right now, mas n cringe. All right,
Next up question for the room lunchbox. I just want
to know if you guys have tried anything new lately,

because this past weekend the women's college basketball for the
first time ever, I watched women's college basketball and I
was like, man, this is something new I have never done.
And so I was like, man, anybody else do anything new?
If you try anything new? I've started. No, I don't
want to say y'all ring front of me. Yeah we will.
That's why questions. Yeah, okay, I've I started a meditation challenge.

I don't think that's weird. That's cool, cool, Okay, that's
also I started challenge and I have a calendar and
every time you complete one, you get to check a box, right,
and what's the challenge? How many days you can do?
Twenty one days long? Okay? But I think so your
meditation is used in a lot of different ways. Sometimes
it's just to calm your mind of all the outside influences.

It's not always like you see on TV where people
are wrapped up in a sheet like Yeah. I think
I have friends that are high up in business who
use meditation in order just to not have their brain
going seventy two different ways for twenty four hours, and
it's just a calming. It's not relaxing. I don't want

to say relaxing, but to them, they're able to regather
to be more focused. Yeah, reset, I think, which parson
are you doing? Woor focused I'm doing? I wouldn't consider
it wou. It's more some of them are relaxing to me,
but some of them also reset me so I can
show up as a better parent, show up and hear better.
Why do you think we make fun of that? I mean,
I kind of outfit you were for it. I'm kind

of getting so into it that I listened to a
meditation when I was driving into work today. Well, don't
do why you need to focus on that? You can't
drive that well. The ones I'm doing at home, my
eyes are closed. But I decided why not listen to
this while I'm driving in and set myself up for

more a repositive day, Eddie, try anything new? Yeah, ginger ale,
Like somebody came over and they were making a drink
and I've never had ginger in my life, and I'm like,
let me try that. It's not bad. It's like a
sugar free ginger ale. That's really good. I don't drink
a lot of it. But if you're gonna get into
ginger elle, I I'm not getting into because I had.
I had a whole ginger el time in my life.

I was really into it. Yeah, it was really into it. Okay,
we go. We got a new Morgan. You have anything? Yeah,
I do a new thing. I shaved my face. Oh yeah,
I shaved my face. Oh you do look shaver a
creamy using I give you some good like Barba Saul
is good. You can just use. It does feel weird, really,

it's just a tiny little razor, right. Yeah, it's really
tiny and it feels like you just have this like
blade on your face. Mine is ai chat bought. So
watch this. You can ask it anything. I'm gonna you
can ask it to do anything. I'm gonna say, Ride quickly,
ride a song, Give me something right, song about about
coffee Verse one in the morning, when I wake, I

need a little something to keep me awake, something strong
and something bold, something that will warm my soul. Chorus,
Oh coffee, You're my morning delight. You keep me going
when I need to fight. With your rich aroma and
your bold chaised you help me conquer the day with grace.
Verse two from a lunch to be a songwriter by
just typing in that thing. Basically, you're gonna hear a

lot of songs by saying like this, Hello, everybody, I
just want you to say, all right. Next question, let's
go over to Morgan. Number two. Morgan, go, what is
something that you keep wanting to smell despite the fact
it doesn't smell particularly good. Oh, Gasoline's easy for me.
I would answer that I love huffing some gas. That's
a pretty good one. You my dog, she doesn't always

smell the best, but I just sometimes I sniffer. Paul's yeah,
Paul's a free day. But my dogs and I just
smelt like a butt, like having out running and sweating
all day. Lunchbox. Oh my socks. Whenever I take off
my socks every night I take I'd give them a
big whiff, no matter why, even in my shin guards
before a soccer game, might smell them. They sting just
the same sharpies having them. I'll live with them all

the times I count. But then I give you like
a little buzz I think all three? Do you actually another?
Think about it? Morgan? What yours? Mine's like yours. It's
nail polish. I like this strong smell of it, glue.
I like glue. Dang dude. All right, yeah, Okay, who
hasn't done this? I haven't known mine, I haven't done Okay,

So is there anybody in this room that will admit
to even one percent believing that the Earth could maybe
be flat? No? And I have a friend that will
stop talking about it. And every time I've talked about it,
I've said, well what about this, she's like, oh, I
didn't really know that, Like I've She's like, what about
flight path emercy flight paths? And I'm like, oh, I'm
glad you asked this, suf research this. The Earth is
not flat. I'm not a flat earth. Flat earthers need

to have their head checked. I've seen really famous flat
earthers get disproven recorded live and it's hilarious. That's cool. Yes,
So No, I'm very anti you're not, but anybody else, No,
the world around round. I mean I see a globe. Yeah,
the globe doesn't actually mean that though, but when you
look at the horizon, it's round. No. But if you
could go all the way around the country with sometimes boats,

you could leave out to the right and enter back
on the left, that to me kind of lets you
know it's round. Well it ain't flat, right, Yeah, I've
never really even thought about it that much. I've just
been told it's rounds, so it's round theory theories. I
maybe believe in the hollow earth theory that's where aliens
come from up the water. Yes, I went as you know,
Bobby's pretty he has a good thought, rational, and I'm like, well,

hollow earth though, that okay. And then finally I'll ask
my worst somewhere that you've been that you actually like
a place you've been that you never want to go back. Oh,
where's a place that you've been? And you're like, you
know what, I'm good, I never have to go back there.
I can lead to give you guys a little time.
I would say Starkville, Mississippi football Stadium. They ring the

cowbells all game long, Arkansas, Misssippi State. They ring the
cowboy that you leave, and you're just like, I can
hear nothing but cowbells. And I don't mind the people there.
I don't even mind the talent. I like starkbell. I
hate that football stadium because they ring the cowbells the
whole time. I never want to go back there if
I don't have to Mississsissippi Stad. Yes, where somewhere you've been,
you never want to go back, Eddie, Yeah, this is tough.

It's Las Vegas, but it's just the paradise and like
you know what I mean, like where all the casinos are.
I like the city Vegas, but where all the strip
I can never go back, and I'm happy us easy.
The Diamond Mine in Arkansas. And that hotel that Scuba
Stee booked me in, that's a good one. I mean goodness.
It was the nastiest place I've ever been in my life.
And I stayed at nasty hotels as a kid. This

was by far the grossest place I've ever walked into. Morgan,
Mine would be Philadelphia. I went there and I liked it.
Let me tell you why I went. And I spent
a day there and I was like, Okay, I've seen
everything I need to see. I don't need to come back.
I love Philadelphia. I've only been a few times. I
liked it. I've never been. I've never been. There's a
lot of history. You'll see a seven eleven and like
three more steps you like, this would have been your

Frankolt right beside it crazy. I mean, I like a
lot of places I've been, but I guess I probably
won't go back to Mexico and seriously about that. Yeah,
and that's another addition of questions for the room. Who
I feel like we've known each other, We've got to
know each a little better generally. Yeah, Okay, there you go.

It's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two.
Conspiracy theories are a big thing, and pretty much everybody
at least believes in one out there about something because
we like to question things. We talked about conspiracy theories
on the show and some that we believe in. But
not only that. Bobby shared some conspiracy theories about the
Bobby Bone Show and things that people have come up with,

and they were pretty ridiculous. I'm just gonna let y'all
hear them. Number six, I do have some conspiracy theories
about the show that I found online about us, but
I want to go through just as a group here.
Do you have a favorite conspiracy theory, either one that
you do believe or one that has turned out to
be true. Convince us maybe, So we're gonna do here.

I'm gonna go. I got a few of them that
I listed. This one I don't think is true because
I tested it myself. But they say Avril Levine died
and was replaced by it like a look alike named
Melissa Vandela. And I when I was on Dancing with
the Stars, Avlab was performing and I walked by and
went Melissa. She didn't look amy, not even if you know,

if she really wasn't Melissa, maybe she still had that
inside her, like what yeah, you don't think about it?
Turned around, she did not look when I said Melissa. Okay,
now when I said Avril did, she like everybody looked
scampered off. Security got closed it. So I do not
think that the real Avril died and that there's been
a replacement named Melissa Vandela. Secondly, sometimes I feel like

we're living in a simulation and I have like bought
the package and I'm living it and you guys aren't
even real now. This morning I had an incident, so
I bring it up. I looked over as I was
getting onto the interstate. There were six white cars altogether,
and I went glitch. Yeah, that shouldn't happen exactly what say? Yeah, glitch?

Okay there were six white, all white cars, like four
white two trucks, all cars, all right together. They weren't
supposed to be together, they were all together. I went glitch.
So I'm not convinced. So the simulation hypothesis is that
all of our existence is a simulator reality. Just like

computer simulation. It bears a close resemblance to other scenarios
throughout the history of philosophy. So this has happened in
many different versions and layers from all of religious leaders.
And just because that's a simulation doesn't mean it's computer
and nerdy. But that's that's one another one that I'm then.
My problem with that, though, is this, if it were
a simulation, Let's say I have some sort of headset

on and I paid for this, or I took some
sort of injection and I'm paying for this. I don't
think in my simulation. People will be trying to convince
me it was a simulation, Like, why would there be
people in my simulation going glitch? No, there's too many.
That's not a glitch. The cars were a glitch. Sometimes
you glitch out when you're like let's go. Yeah. The
other one that I really like is this one, Steven

Spielberg's UFO theory of human time travelers. You know, it's
a pretty wild imagination obviously, or you can't make all
the movies that he makes, but he has a theory
and he told this to Stephen Colbert on whether or
not we're alone in the universe. What if they're not
from an advanced civilization three million light years from here,

but what if it's US five hundred thousand years into
the future that is coming back to document the second
half of the twentieth century and into the first twentieth century.
Because they're anthropologists so for science, and secondly, we don't
know how to manipulate time in any way. At some
point they'll figure out something we don't know how yet.

They're only we only can get so deep into an
atom until recently, you know, now they're finding ways to
get into it smaller and smaller, so they're still think
crazy things. We're discovering, but we have no idea to
mess with time. But when we do, maybe we need
to learn about how to make sure we don't, you know,
poison ourselves to death. In the future, we come back
and check us out. That's all I'm saying. I think

it's a pretty good one. Is that going to be
a new Steven Spieler movie? Because that sounds awesome? It
does doesn't Yeah, So that's mine. Amy. What is your
favor What is this one the favorite one one you
believe or what? Well? I mean this one I believe.
We need to look out for in the future, for
other things that pop up. But it's that. The ten
year Challenge, which comes about every once in a while,
is facial recognition recognition stuff. What's the ten year Oh

it's the one they put the two pictures. I think
that was proven, wasn't it. Oh it is? I think so.
Oh it was Russia. Yeah, they for sure when they
were they started the ten year challenge so people would
put up the two pictures so they could save all
the faces into a database. Well, I've never I never
done it. I'm not going to do it. You're on
social media anyway, all that stuff. I know it says

to you because social media has been around for ten
years that they could easily just gather you ten years
ago and you now. But when everybody collectively joins a challenge,
it's just like all this information super quick and they
don't have to go through and gather it. And it's
a yeah, I think that's not a conspiracy. I think
now it's real. They're still okay, don't even just them.
Everybody's steal stuff up. So you know TikTok that you're on,

they're stealing your stuff. That's a different country. Yeah, yeah, lunchbox,
Moody Gap. It's direct deposits a scam, okay, but you
made this one happen. No, No, this has been proven
by listen by who me okay, and I think other
people are jumping on board now. It's gaining traction. If
you look on blogs, is that the companies want you
to do direct deposits so they can skim fifty cents
a dollar two dollars ever everybody's paycheck, so every two

weeks they're saving thousands of dollars. I guess what I
would say to that is if you say all these
companies are doing it, it's not a group, like a
specific collective group doing it. One of those people, and
all these groups would have said something by now to
out it because they're not working together. They're just too
many to keep it secrets, that's what you think. But
all the higher ups are like, man, if we keep

this a secret, we get all this extra money in
our pockets. CEO, hey, we get a bonus at the
the year if we keep the secret. Boom, there you go.
You know it is called the d D Bonus. Direct
upon was like, excuse me, Eddie, go ahead, what do
you have. Yeah. Paul McCartney from the Beatles, he's dead.
He's not really alive, and it's it's crazy. I think
in the sixties he died in a car accident, but

they wanted the band to keep on going, so they
just kind of lied about it. And they've tried to
tell us multiple times. Like in Strawberry Fields Forever, the
song at the end, John says this one nibma, this
Paul the dead man. I believe Paul disarming here because
the first part I just like zi zi ziz. But

if you listen after a few zib zip zibs. He says,
Paul is I just watched a whole TikTok on this,
so I'm talking about it. No, I don't, but what
are you talking about here? It is again turn it
up right, but he's saying, I miss him, miss him,
miss him, miss him. I'm called backward masking right back. Yeah,
And then on another song he says, I buried Paul.

It backward go ahead. That was so guys. They tried
to tell us multiple times, but we kept falling for it.
We're like, no, no no, no, he's a Sergeant Pepper's album.
They're all looking like a funeral. There are parts of
the Sergeant Pepper's pictures were the only one their face
not is Paul. Right on the walk across the street

Abbey Road, the car license plate has the month and
day that Paul supposedly die. Come on, keep feeding me.
What's a ton? There's a ton? So why are we
acting like this is not true? This is exact, This
is one. This is what a band would do to
be hilarious. And there was forward thinking to keep a
rumor going, oh there you go. Yeah. Have you ever
met Paul McCartney. I haven't, But first I haven't either. Yeah,

but we haven't a wincidence. I think not, No, not
a questence because people like us don't get to me. Paul, No, No,
I think not. He might be dead too, then I
don't think Paul McCartney is you know, died. And I
like that one. Yeah, the Titanic hitting a iceberg. Come on,
I'm from the North. Boats actually drive through icebergs. And

it really was just to cover up. That's when scapegoating started.
You could just make something up. The engineers, somebody a
huge company failed, just say it's an iceberg. There's something
to that. But also because they could hide that easily
back in that day, somebody could have messed up. The
boat sank and they just blamed on an iceberg. How
do we know? No, No, Race said that he's from
the North and he drives through icebergs all the time.

That I don't. I can't listen to him say stuff.
But I do think that there's something too. We don't
really know what happened. There's not computers on board, there
aren't dad, and there's not film. You're right, but don't
they go down to the bottom and look at the Titanic.
But it could have sank for any reason. It could
have been used rarer. Yeah, it could have been never
a big hole in it fold The hole just opened
up by error. I mean it had to hit something.
The hold I just get there, could have hit another boat,

could have had an explosion on board. They could have
went down after it sank and pop. I've never heard
any of these theories. I'm just doing in this. But
my point is anything from back in the Yeah, you're
getting on board the sixties or fifties, and we don't
have the data. They could have been lying to us
like crazy, like like John F. Kennedy who shot him, right,
They still don't know. They still don't know. So my

point is, if we don't have evidence, we just believe
what we're told, sort of like direct deposit that you're
getting all your money. Okay, So I just looked for
these blogs he's talking about, and I don't look for
a blog. Well he said, I know he doesn't need blog, right,
but there's no I don't see any blogs. No, it's
not he just made that up. Okay, Okay, do you
want to hear a couple of the ones about the show?
Come on? Some of them are dumb. Some of them

might be true. Well, they're kind of like Titanic. I
can't prove it. Is there some dumb conspiracies about our show.
The Bobby Bone Show was created in twenty thirteen as
a diversion to the country music community. There was a
large scandal on the brink of breaking that would have
run the careers of several superstars and their record labels.
So The Bobby Bone Show was launched on country radio
to take the focus off of it. It was controversial

to launch, and the show became very successful. So with
the controversy and the success, whatever that was was always
pushed down, never became a headline, So people got off
scott free because of our existence. What's the scan though,
I want to know? Well, I don't know. It could
have been a couple wow. But when we came on
it was pretty controversial. So you're saying we saved country

music as a diversion to some saving It could have
been something really bad that happened that we didn't know
that we were actually covering for. We were pawns. Maybe
if you believe that. Next up, I don't. Bobby became
a member of the Luminati in twenty seventeen, not saying
anything about that. Uh, that's how he went dancing with
the stars, and the reason he worked so much is

to repay his debts to the luminati. What debt? I
have no idea. I don't really talk about this one
as much, but I will read it. Bobby has actually
tried beer in college, has been lying about never having
a drink. Hold on, Bobby actually tried beer in college
and has been lying about never having a k of
alcohol just to keep a streak alive. That's funny, that's funny.

That one's not true. But do you believe there's any
truth to that one? No? No, no, would you say
yes if you're part of the conspiracy? No? Exactly. Eddie
is actually single and doesn't have a family. That's why
he never posts his family on social media. Has anyone
ever seen Eddie out with his family? Now, you don't
ask around. He created a fake family so that he
could play the relatable dad role on the air, and

he makes a killing on a speaking circuit. Have you
all seen my family? You have not? Well, I mean
you guys, but I'm part of the I created this
role for you, So of course I'm gonna say that
Raymond is secretly wealthy. That's all funny. He lives a

wealthy lifestyle and he doesn't want to draw attention to
how wealthy he actually is. I rent an apartment, you
drive a blazer, Yeah, to cover it all up every day.
I'll give you one more conspiracy theory about this show.
Scuba Steve has been lying about his age for years.
That's why he gets so weird about it when I
bring it up. He's actually in his fifties. Yeah, I

can see that one. He's not looking up. Yeah. I mean,
which one of those do you think would be most
likely to be real? Oh, Illuminati? Why would you pick
that one? Scuba Steve lying about his age? Yeah? I
believe that one. Yeah, for sure. He does look older
and act older. I don't talk about the Illuminati ones.
So that's all. And Scuba, are you in your fifties? No,

I'm definitely in my thirties. Okay, thirty? What late thirties exactly?
If Scooba's in his fifties, we need anti aging secrets now.
But he does ever say why is he so weird
about his age? Because it doesn't matter. I am who
I am. I exist the way I am. Age means nothing.
What if someone said that as a high school basketball player,
like you look at your twenty four sir, Nope, I

am who I am. I choose to be a senior
in high school means nothing. I mean, that's how Prince
responded to age later in life because he didn't want
to be defined by age and he wanted to stay
young in his mind and body. So I feel like
that's is that what Scuba's doing. Maybe you don't one
about you doing I know. I mean, this one's a

little sensitive, So I won't do the one about if
you don't always do well whatever. Amy and her husband
aren't actually getting a divorce is part of a rebranding
her image. She signed with the talent agency that and
it would sell more tickets or a podcast events if
she could speak from a divorce perspective. No plan to
rebuild a new Edgy or Amy. I don't know that
anybody that would make this part of their rebrand And

I barely touch on it at my lives. So you
say I can't prove it Edgy Edge, Amy, I can
prove it. I'll show your book, good, listen to the podcast.
I'm good. All right, there you go. Those are some
conspiracy theories. I think I like raised though that not
about him. The one he brought in about the Titanic. Yeah,
it happened so long ago. No evidence, A dang thing

probably get hit by alien. Oh future us. It's the
best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two, we
finally got a big check presentation. Lunchbox presented Bobby with
his big check from their storage unit business. But let

me tell y'all, this may have happened, the presentation and
the big check may have happened, and we may have
found out the amount that Bobby is supposed to get
from Lunchbox, but there's still more complications per usual. And
let's just say, as Lunchbox would say, Bobby is not
making money from their business yet. Number five, A long

time ago, Lunchbox and I got into business together. We
found the storage unit and you could see a picture,
you could kind of tell what was in there. But
if you had the highest bid, you get to owned
everything in there, almost like that storage warship. So we
got online and we'd bid. Do you remember what we
bid total? I think we bid like two hundred and

ten dollars in the deal that I made with Lunchbox
was I'll pay for seventy five percent of it, but
you got to do the work as far as mailing
the stuff. And he's like, no problem, but we'll split
it right down in the middle. So we spent two
hundred bucks two hundred and ten dollars. We brought all
the stuff in here, and there was a bunch of shoes.
There was also some illegal stuff. Yeah, I'll sell that prize. No,

I don't know. I have no idea. I don't even
know where it went. I have no idea. I don't
want to know what happened to it. So we were like,
we're gonna make so much money. We had Yeasi's two
pairs are easy. Jordan's didn't We We have some Jordan's
and we were in the pictures. We were like, are
they real? Are they fake? We don't know when we
got them there, they were real and they were a
good size ten and a half eleven, eleven and a

half like common shoe sizes. So lunchbox has a big
check out there. Do you want to bring it in? Oh?
You want me to get it? Yeah, I get it,
but don't let me see what's on it quite yet.
All right, Now, the problem is is it over the
last week's and things would go wrong. People were wanting
to rEFInd people said that they didn't get the shoes,
but they did, and then we were just out shoes. Yeah,

one time after it was just one after another. I
was hearing about how Lunchbox kept screwing up our business.
I mean, one person wanted us to sign the shoes,
so we signed them, and then eBay flagged them. And
then I hit that person up and they're like, ah,
you know, I don't know if I want to buy
him anymore. But it's like the shoes back. Yeah, I
got the shoes back. So I mean I want you
to know I've been negotiating down to the last minute.

Like I just made a sale on Instagram maybe twenty
minutes ago, but we don't have the money. They've been mowed. Oh.
I mean, I'm telling you like I was trying to
get rid of these shoes because I was like, these
are a high price item, autograph shoes. Like someone's got
to want him so he has a big check. Do
you want to walk up on the stage. Oh yeah, yeah,
there's no mic butybe Okay, we can hear you. I'll

go up there. Ye you're really loud. I just want
to see the reveal. All So, Lunchbox has one of
those massive checks that they give away on like the telethons. Yeah, well,
I basically put one hundred and fifty bucks into this
and the number written on it. Yeah, but that's what

I put in. Hold on, let me figure out how
much I actually paid here if I get on the
old calculator. Yeah, figure that out, and then what you
would have made if you would have invested it somewhere
or even with a small interest. I gave one hundred
and sixty dollars. Oh who But the problem is he

did bad work and he's gonna make more money than me. Well, yeah,
that's what I'm saying. You did. You screwed up. You
screwed up every part of this. Okay, I'm gonna close
my eyes and you get showed them the check first.
I want to show everybody but me. Okay, I'm closing
my eyes. I put in one hundred and sixty. Go ahead,
show the root react. Yeah you can react. Oh okay,

turn the check back around. I don't want to see it. Okay,
you like not bad? All right? I put in one
hundred and sixty dollars and wow, dang bones in the
box business, I put in one sixty, flipped around lunchbox.

How much am I getting back? Okay, you know what,
I'm surprised. That's that high. That's really high. So we
made all in all, we came out with seven hundred
and oh what's he doing? Oh it's on his paper?

How much? Go ahead, you can walk back to your microphone.
Now we change to check those more notes. You don't
know the math? You go back to your microphone. Yeah, yeah,
thank you. Why can't I cash this? Here's the check? Everybody?
Three eighty nine? See your name, Bobby business partner? Bones?

Is that legal? Do you have the amount total we
have in the account? And are there more things to sell?
We have one pair of shoes that have not sold
that keep. I put them up and they don't sell,
and someone hit me on Instagram was like, oh, I'd
really like to buy those shoes, and I hit them
back and then they haven't responded. What kind of shoes
are they? They're Jordan's what siye air max? And they
may not be Jordan's. I don't know. Oh my gosh, hey,

can you see that check again? What's the date on
that check. Why twenty twenty four? Oh yeah, if you
could just like hold off cashing it, like I'm waiting
for like some payments to come through, so we don't
have the money. Well no, no, no, I just it
doesn't count if you don't have the money. How much
money do you have? No? No No, I got money. I
got some of the money. So you can't give me
the money. I knew it. You should just give me

all that you have. Yeah, what did you want me
to look up? Now? How much do you have? Though?
I got I got some of the money. I was
just saying, like, just don't cash all at once. When
am I going to get my money? I'm waiting on
some March madness payments. Like, No, that has nothing to
do with your money. Well, were you using that money
to pay for other things? Some stuff comes in. No, no,

it's called checks and balances. No, that's the government. You
were using our money to pay for your little gambling deals.
Oh well, it goes straight into my account. I needed
to open up. What I didn't realize is that I
need to have a separate business account. I need to
go to the bank and saying I need to open
a business account because it was gambling. Well no, no
for us, because it was going straight into my checking account.

You don't have enough to cover my part of that,
my three eighty nine, right, so I need it like
three or four days, Okay. I give it to the the
end of the week, and then it goes up ten
bucks a day. No, no no, no, after Friday. That's how
it works. I have to wait for people to pay me. No,
it's not my problem. It is when you're in business.
It's going to up ten bucks a day after Friday. Hey,
when we're not making money in business together, way we
made money. That's nothing to do with the business. Now

my question for you, go ahead, Should we buy another unit?
I don't have the money? Okay, but when we get
bucks today after Friday, after Friday, yeah, you want to
buy another might get my money. We'll talk about it.
Let's go shop. If I don't, Eddie, now I can
go to business together. I'm in. We're gonna get a
unit storage unit maybe three no no, no, no, no,
no, no no, you'd have to come up with a difference.

That's called copyrighting. Friend. No, it's not. No, it's not
you just hear words and using again. All right, you
guys call us if you want eight seven, seven seventy
seven bottles? Are you happy with your no? Because I
don't have any money. You gave me a check with numbers.
I don't have the money. But ven moment, what you
can vin mom right now from the account. That's the
way real life would work, right, yes, like give me
everything you got. Well, he's spending it on his own

personal gamble. I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. Okay, Okay,
since your honor, I didn't mean to do it. So
can you let me off? Ven moment? What you can
bet Momi and we'll go from there. Okay, all right,
it's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two,
Tomlin and Blessing offer stop by our show this week.

They talked about their big show that they had depending
on when you're listening this. They had it on Good
Friday here in Nashville, and it was posted on all
their social media pages, so you can definitely go watch that.
But it's something they've done in Nashville for a while.
And we got to hear how Chris and Blessing came together,
what that story looks like, and the song that Chris
really loved of Blessings and they both performed songs, which

is really cool. And ironically they were in the studio
on Good Friday, which just all kind of cool pieces
that came together for them to be in the studio
and it was a really fun interview and really awesome performances.
So interview is right here. They can hear the whole story,
which is awesome. But once that's done, take a little
mini break, go to YouTube real quick and watch their performances.
They are so good and they'll make you feel good.

I know we all need that number four. So Bobby
Bones Show Interviews in case you didn't know, in studio,
Chris Tomlin and Blessing offer through a massive live stream tonight,
Good Friday. Chris Tomlin they call him the most sung
guy ever because everybody sings this song, especially in church.
I mean, he's a massive global superstar that just sings

the Word of God. And I've become friends with him
and it's super cool and I'm super pump that he's here.
He's you know, one of these awards where they've only
given it to four people. Ever, it's like him and
Garth Brooks, like International Pitbull justin Timberlake, like, that's that's
what we're talking about here. So Chris Tomlin and then
Blessing Offer, who's such a great singer who came to
America when he was young. He's going to tell that story.

And you know they're part of the show tonight. And
Blessing is on, which is also the name Blessing. He's
on Chris Tomlin's record label. So here they are, Chris
Tomlin and Blessing Offer. The Friday Morning Conversation with Chris
Tomlin and Blessing Offer. Well, let's let's all clap her
hands for our friends here ye here Chris, good to
see you again, my friend. You asked great to be back,

although I guess first time in here. Huh, yes, yes
I was. You're a big deal. I'm just telling you.
When you came over to my house, made it to
the official studio, well not that order. I wanted to
sit with you for like an hour, yes, that's what
we did before and get to know you. And so
many people reached out and they were like, we can't
believe you know Chris Tomlin, And I'm like, not only that,
I got a cell phone number and we text, so

it made me look real cool and Blessing first time
meeting you, dude, first time. Yeah, this is a big deal.
My friends think I'm cool now, okay, so it all
goes around. My friends got called by Chris. Yes, it's
all one of those cool transference. Really, So, Chris, I
want to start with you for a second. I want
you to tell me about Blessing. First of all, so
I know that you signed Blessing to your label. What

about Blessing is so special? My goodness, how long do
we have here this morning? Blessing is one of the
most special people I've ever got to encounter with music.
And a friend of mine, the guy produced my records, UM,
several years ago, played me a song. He said, Man,
you gotta hear this song. He played this song called
Tin Roof and I was so floored by it. I

was like wow, I and I said, who is this guy?
He says his name is Blessing, and I was like, well,
you don't forget a name like that. And he gave
me a bit of his story and shared shared me
his story, which I'm sure you guys will get into.
But I was really moved by that, and UM and
I just kind of stalked that away. I was like,
I just still remember that song. And when I was
making UM this, uh, I'm sorry. I was making this

record Chris Tomlin and friends right with with all the
country guys and he uh, and I was thinking what.
It just hit me one day. I was like, you
know what, I've got all of these UM artists on
this record that everybody knows I would love and I
was thinking about and I kept coming back this song
ten Roof, and I thought it was one of the
very best songs UM I'd ever heard written. In fact,

I played it for uh Shane mcinally and I played
it for Shane and Shane said, if that does not
song of the Year, I don't know what is. And
he said, just that kind of song, he kept me.
And so I'm just and I remember that. I was like,
you know what, I would love the in this record
with that song and find a way for people to

hear it, because I don't know one's heard this song.
And I was like, maybe people will pay attention to
this record and then they will hear this guy named Blessing,
and so I said, so I called up Blessing and
figured out how to get ahold of Blessing, and I said,
can I want to come meet you? And I went
to his apartment. And when I went to his apartment,
I'm going there and m and I walking in and
I can just hear the piano plan and I knock

and he's like, come on in, and I walk in
and Um, and I'm just I just sitting there going
I'm thinking, how I don't know who this person is.
How to interact this person? I get to know him
and he's sitting at the piano. We'll start playing and
he starts playing some songs and we'll start talking about
music and start gathering around, and and and then he
started to tell me and I asked him. I just

asked him and said, man, I hear you do concert
You could go out and do gigs and concerts. How
you do that? For those who don't know, Blessing Um
lost his sight years and years ago, and so I
was like, how do you do that? I so hear
you you do that by yourself. And he starts telling me.
He said, well, you know, I get an uber and
they drop me off. He goes, they tropped me off
at the airport and a sky cap comes and picks

me up at the Uber and takes me to the
plane and then puts me on the plane. And then
when I get off the plane, a sky cap comes
and takes me off, and then I get into Uber
and I go to the venue. I'm gonna go to
the hotel, and then the guy comes and picks me
up and I go to the venue and I play
the concert. I do that all the way back home,
and I'm thinking the grit you have to have to

do that. I'm like this guy, and I was like,
you do that and for I don't think how much
I don't like it and all the ease I have
and just how much more struggle and how much more
things to overcome, and thinking about playing the concerts and
all the things, and and I was just like, okay,
I just and there's he's an absolute joy. I mean,
I've never met somebody who's feel with more joy in

their life. And I thought, people need to get people
need to know this guy's music because he's got a
lot to bring to people, and people can relate if
anybody's ever gone through struggle or maybe they're gone through things,
they could relate to blessing story. And he has this
incredible incredible gift. And not only that, but he's as
you will hear one of the best singers and players
I've ever heard play music and so and just a

songwriting He just when can I say one other things?
Somebody somebody sent me a dropbox keeping somebody sent me
a dropbox of blessing, and they said, here's some here's
some songs. You should hear more of his songs. If
you liked ten, here's so they sent me a dropbox
Bobby and I hit the dropbox open and it was I,
if I show it to you, I can. You can
just scroll hundreds of songs, And I was like, who

is this guy? And I would just randomly pick songs.
Everything I would listen to is it's just him. And
the piano was like, oh my goodness, what is what
kind of treasure's in here? All these songs? And so
just incredible songwriter and writes with so many different people.
But I just thought, there's any way I could help
this guy. People hear his music. And now, man, the

floodgates open, from Coca Cola to the Kardashians, to the
Gray's Anatomy to wherever he finds himself. He found his
music is pretty pretty cool. That's the greatest intro I've
ever heard for us person ever. Yeah, I mean I
don't even want to play anymore. I see some really
cool like wrestling intros, and that one still is better.
But I say that's the greatest of all time. So okay, Well,
I know this wasn't this part wasn't planned here, but

he built up tin roofs so much. Can you give
us a little bit of that blessing? Is that possible?
Because I didn't imagine it? Oh man, listen. And then
the other thing is a friend to the room. Her
name is a She's an up and upstart songwriter, Natalie Hemby.
I wrote this with her. You know, I think she's
got a career somewhere. I believe in her, guys, and
we wrote this song in about forty five minutes. She

said to me, what do you want to write about?
And I said, I want to you know, I want
to write about the sound of rain on a tin roof.
I'm from Nigeria and I haven't been home in forever. Actually,
I came to the States when I was six and
I haven't been home ever since. And so she's I said,
I missed the sound of rain on a tin roof,
and so she says, that's what we're gonna write about.
So the song kind of starts like this, I'll give
you a couple. He sounds just pure. I mean that's

the word, right, It's just not pure. So you said
you came to America at six? Why did you come
to the States? So initially? So my uncle played professional
soccer immigrant nonsense, came here, got a bunch of degrees,
is a lawyer now. And when I was born, I
was born with glaucoma. So I was born blind in
my left eye. I could see my right eye. And

he was like, well, let's bring blessing to America to
treat this. So we came here. And as as life
sometimes goes, I got shot in my eye with a
water gun in the good eye. Wow. And it's it's
one of those things where it's so unlikely that it's hilarious,
you know what I mean. I mean, I was like,

it's hilarious. Well, you know what's crazy is my right
eye doesn't work right. It never has. Yeah, says I
was born were a patch as a kid? Is that true? Yeah,
it's true. So I wore a glasshouse blind brothers. And
the reason I wear glasses for most of my life
was it just to protect my one good eye. Yeah,
oh you did that too. Yeah, like the like when
you played, they made you wear the goggle and to
wear a patch first, just to try to fix the

bad one. They put it over the good one that
didn't work, and they were like, well, it's in your brain,
so my eye wouldn't fix. But I would wear glasses
just to make sure that nothing hit me in the
other eye. Okay, but you got hit. It's unbelievable. You
will appreciate this. I was literally the second before this happens,
draining hoops just in my backyard, just like Michael Jordan's
style hooks, you know what I mean. And the kid

across the street was like buzzing, uh, you know, let's
let's let's play with water guns. And I was like, man,
I got to go to an amusem*nt park. And he
goes no, no, no, no no, from like two feet
from me, and I was like, oh man, that's now
I'm all wet. And I didn't I didn't know anything.
It happened, you know what I mean. And it took
about twenty four hours for me to be like, oh,

this isn't good, you know what I mean? So from
that was like this emergency surgery thing. It was a lot.
So that weirdly happened. And as that's happening, we get
a piano in the house. So all that outside energy
I put to the piano and weirdly enough, like fell
in love with playing music. I was taking lessons before,

but I wasn't taking it seriously. But then I had
all this energy, man like and all this time to
just fall in love with this stuff. And so it's
I mean, funny, kissmi God, how the awful things paved
the way for all the good, beautiful stuff. So here
we are now. You know what's up of Blessing? The name?

Right in Nigeria, My name's so common. There's a lot
of people named Blessing. It's like Smith. It's definitely like
if not Smith, like Jason. Yeah, okay, I got it.
So Blessing is a common name. It doesn't mean the
same thing to us. So I speak a language called Ebol,

So Blessing in my language is zi that's how you'd
say it. But my my birth certificate says B L
E S S I n G. Yeah. So blessing off
for O F O R. Well, Bobby means a man
with muscles there, that is what that means. Yes, it
did for a while for sure. Amy's son loves brighter days.

Oh many, thank you. That's like his jam. What's your
son jam? His name is Stevenson, Oh my god. Yeah,
and he's Haitian. He also came to America around that
age seven year really, and so one of his he
loves Christian music, Like when I pick him up from school,
he immediately puts that on or anytime we get in
the car, and like there's so many songs that come

on where he's like stop talking without toml Yeah and yeah,
your stuff is. I just was freaking out when you
were coming in because I was like, well, I'm going
to start videoing whenever he starts warming, because I'm gonna
take the video home and he'll think that I'm the
coolest could go at you Listen, I'm gonna tell you this,
this studio already feels like home. So I'm just no,
I really appreciate the welcome. This has been amazing. Well,

there's a huge sonic cut beside you. Excellent. Yeah, I
just so you know, yeah, is that for me. No,
it just sits there, you know. But if you want
to drink out of it, you can. It's like a
mystery sonic cut it is. Yeah, we never know what's in.
I want to hold off, just to be clear. Chris
Stevenson loves your songs. No, No, I don't take anything.
I totally get it. I mean I would I like

Blessing better than me. Can. I tell you guys a
funny story. When I introduced him Roof on the Road,
I always go I got. I got a phone call
from an unknown number and it said, this is Chris
Tomlin and I'm Nigerian and I know how these scams work,
and like I always go the old this is Chris
Tomlin trick. Yeah, would you play Brighter Days for us? Oh? Man,

it would be my pleasure. Right. Blessing offers here and
you know you can stream it. We'll get them all
the information on where to find it, where to find you,
but we're gonna listen to the song. Here. Here is
Blessing with Brighter Days. You know, Chris Blessing Good Friday,
Nashville happens tonight. So this has been running for a
long time. A Chris I'll have you speak on this.
So Blessing is gonna be there with you. Yes, he is.
So what do you guys do? What's happening here? Yes?

So every year I do Good Friday Nashville. I've done
it for seven years now at the Bridge Down Arena,
and you know, it's a moment to gather and for
all the different streams of the church for Easter weekend,
you know, to have a moment for Nashville, for Middle Tennessee,
for all the surrounding areas to come. And I would
have never dreamed it turned into what has turned into.
But every year it's a it's a it's a not

of worship. And then I'll have a guest artists that
are with me as well, and we've had so many
people through the years, but this year, Blessing is one
of those. And I can't think of a more appropriate,
more timely song for what Nashville has been going through
than this song in this moment and where it will
come in the night and what's going on and all

the things we're going to be doing in this night.
So it's gonna be very, very powerful. So we'll come
back in a second more with Chris Tomlin and Blessing.
But again, Good Friday Nashville. Everybody listening locally in Nashville
Bridge Down Arena, seven pm, but also for everybody listening
all over the country right now, there's a live stream
on YouTube and Facebook that begins at seventh Central, so
you can kind of do the math there. Although I

struggle with time zones eight Eastern, seventh Central, six Mountain,
five Pacific. I gotta walk it all down, got it,
because we're in all the time. So there's also like
Hawaiian and Alaska. But it's the Blessing. You gonna mess
with me now. I'm happy to start saying that too,
because we do have an affiliate in Alaska and now
I feel like I've neglected them now I feel like
a bad person Canada. Oh okay, well no, that's that'll

fit into the other ones. Yeah, that's right. A book.
We'll come back with Chris Tomlin and Blessing. It just
one second. So if you're listening to this all over
the country tonight, you can watch the Good Friday Nashville
on a live stream YouTube Facebook beginning at seventh Central,
So just kind of do the math and figure out
what time zone you're in and you can watch that
and you've been doing the seven years Chris, seven years?

How did this start? Well? Why and where and all that? Yeah,
you know, back when I lived in Houston, we started
doing Good Friday there and just for in the Woodlands.
And then when I lived in Atlanta, we started a
Good Friday Atlanta, and so moving to Nashville, I was like, Okay,
I've done this in the different cities where I've lived,
and I thought this could be an incredible moment. I

did not know where we would meet, and because I'd
done a few concerts here and and then my team said,
I think we should do the Bridgetone Arena. I'm like,
bridge Own Arena. Are you kidding me? There? That's not
gonna be that men, people show up and it's gonna
fill up the floor. I'm gonna be it's gonna be embarrassing.
What are you what are you talking about doing bridge Stone?
And they're like, no, No, I really think it's could
be amazing. And the first year just incredible. Fifteen thousand

people are so came and I was just like, what
is happening? And as it was and you'll appreciate this.
I think probably because I was like, Okay, if I'm
gonna do this every year, I don't feel I don't
feel like this should be a place where I make
any money from this. This feels weird, and especially it's
Easter and all the things I said, I just I
want just want to give whatever the profits come, whatever
proceeds come, I just want to give away to something

that really helps kids and helps people in Nashville and
whenever it's coming. And so I went, I all of
a sudden had this windfall of money because I didn't
think that many people were coming, and now I was like,
oh my goodness, what are we going to do with this?
And so every year we have poured into UM the
vulnerable kids across Nashville, across the state of Tennessee. Have
built a lot of things just through this concert. And

so a lot of things have happened over the last
seven years. And this year we're going to obviously highlight UM,
what's what's going on with the Covenant and also the
police force and UH this year and just give back
in that way. And so it's it's a time of
obviously coming together on Good Friday, Easter weekend, the weekend
of you know for people of faith, of our hope

that we have in this world, and and the and
so and remembering the Cross, remembering the grace of God
in our life. And that's what this is about. And
it's just been so special. Max Locato speaks in the night,
Max is um of all the people who've written books
and Christian Christianity, and he's he's written he's the biggest
selling of all time of any offers. He's sold over

one hundred million books just himself, just his books, and
he's had an incredible influence with people around the world
and his writings, and he's partnered with me every year
because I feel like he's such a he's kind of
this grandfather. He wouldn't hate me say that, because his
grandfatherly voice that has been around for for forty fifty
years now and has been so trusted throughout the years.

And so for someone who can speak to the entire
nation and people who are listening all over the world,
he has turned into Good Friday worldwide. And COVID happened.
That COVID happened, and we had to shift and we
just started doing it through TV and online and now
we've so we've kept the online and live streaming, but
still doing it in Nashville. And we'll see how many
years it goes. But it's just it's still has so

much incredible people have responded an incredible way. Time Magazine
said you're the most often sung artist in the whole world.
I didn't know that that makes sense when they start
to do the math because my wife. My wife's only
been excited like three people ever it's coming over my
house or even been here. She does not. It's really
not her thing. And so one was Ronnie Dunne from
Brooks and Dunne, who were very close with She was like,

Ronnie's coming over, I'm gonna go. The other one was you,
and she was like, Chris is coming over. Chris Tomlin
And I was like, yeah, she goes, let me see
how many songs I can name. She she's saying, like,
thirteen in a row. I don't know thirteen songs to
me anybody? Chris and she was and I'm like, how
do you know every word to all those songs? She goes,
we sang them at church. Yeah, Like for me, we
did a lot of old school hymns. It was rock

of ages. We didn't get to sing cool Chris Tomlin stuff.
But she knew every she knew every one of your songs,
and so that was I looked cool to her because
you came over and you're the most sung person ever. Um,
so that's a pretty cool title to hold, Like you
should have a championship belt for that, like every year. Yeah,

you ever go into a church and they don't know
it's you and they're singing your songs, because that would
be cool. Yeah, that's happened to a lot of times,
and I always that's when it That's probably the great
privilege for me, man. Honestly, it's because there's something about
it when somebody has taken I have nothing to do
with it and they just take my song and they
lead it and I have and it's not me leading it,
and it's for some reason they think this song is

important or this song is special to people, and that
that means more to me than anything. So yeah, that's always.
That's always like that motivation. Okay, keep writing, keep writing
these songs and they're connecting to people. The Word of
God is super important to you spoken in through music.
But do you ever cheat a golf cheat? Yeah? You
ever cheat at golf? Because that wouldn't be you can't.
You're Chris Tomlin. Yea, so absolutely Okay, Okay, Well, I

don't like what I'm hearing. I'll be honest. I'm telling
you when I say when, when you say cheat, I'm
talking about footwage, like out of that. Okay, that's fine.
I'm just asking if I see Chris Toma cheating anything,
I'm like, I do I give? I do have to
give a little food eache other three I asked my wife.

I was like, hey, what should we have? What should
we asked Chris to play it? And she said good,
good father. Yeah, that was the first thing she said.
So I'm first of all, I'm super honored that you
would come up here and play for us. There's like
six of us here. It's like our own concert and um,
and you should introduce your players. So Daniel has been
with me for twenty three years. Daniel, come on, Daniel

is incredible. We've been together and traveled the world all
over the world many times together. Daniel has five kids
himself in great dad great but just been right there
by my side for twenty three years playing touring, and
I've toured for almost getting close to twenty six, twenty
seven years now. But Daniel has been with me for
a long long time. But welcome Daniel. Yeah, and so

it has a long time. He must be pretty good boss,
or does he have a lot of dirt on you?
It's one of the two for twenty three years. I mean,
these guys been on me for twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years,
but they got the dirt. It ain't think good fight,
ain't the boss thing. Okay, Chris, would you mind playing
good father for us? Absolutely? Man, that's so good, Chris.

I never heard you singing like that, clothes that that's awesome.
That's cool. Okay, you're right. You guys almost at harmonies,
but I was like, oh we didn't practice. Hey, me too.
Bobby almost made a quire in this. Now, okay, look,
a couple of things I want to do. First of all,
let me tell everybody that you know, tonight you can
watch on live stream even if you're not in Nashville.

So that's the whole point of this is to get
it to as many people as possible. So it's the
seventh annual Good Friday Nashville Concert. So live stream on
YouTube and Facebook beginning at seven pm Central time. And
still get tickets at Good Friday, Nashville dot Com and
the YouTube and the Facebook like who's you're just your
personal okay Facebook? Yeah? Um, so we're raising money for

great causes. We're we have a positive message, we have
great singing sounds like it's all there, It's all there. Okay. Now,
I got a couple other things I want to say.
First of all, Blessing and Chris both view just kind
of knowing your stories individually before together. There's a parallel
that I'm sure you guys have connected that. Blessing, you

talked about being a kid and you came to America
because one of your eye, you're a blinding one of
your eyes, and when your other eye, when you lost
VISI Internet, you started to play piano. Indeed, so technically
I started a little before. But you're like you said,
you dialed into, you dialed in. Let me go to Chris. Now, Chris,
you got sick as a kid, yes, and you have
you guys talked about and you got sick and you

started I don't think actually we have no use. Are
you also blinding night? But you got really sick with
like was it like I got I got mono and
and I couldn't play baseball, and they maybe all summer.
It's a fourth grade and fourth grade and I had
to stay in in the house all summer. And my
dad said, you're gonna Travis crazy, and you gotta do something.

I want to teach you play guitar. And so for
that summer, sorry, that summer is a whole um. Every
day I would just sit at home. My brothers would
go do their thing, and I sit at home and
I just work on the guitar. And my dad would
teach me everyday, would teach me something. He'd go to work,
I come home. We'd learned that. Next day, teach you
something else. And it's all that. So what would seem
to be something that was a really hard time in
your lives for different reasons, actually was a blessing when

you look back later. Yes, that blessing had blessing out
a blessing, but blessing had piano and it started. But
then had that to really put his time, energy, passion into.
And you do the same with music there. Yeah, it's amazing.
That's how That's how it works a lot of times
out there, that's how it works. Now. I know no
one I just learned that's how it works. Um, I

want to tell one more Chris Tomlin's story if you
don't mind, and blessing, I don't know. Would you like
to a company with a little bit of background music
on piano? I would story follow along. Yeah, So Chris
was over the house and we were talking about how
it's got to be difficult to be a beloved artist
that sings about the Word of God and people just
associate you with Jesus all the time, where people only

want to act super proper around you, where they're just like,
there's Chris Tomlin, I'm gonna be on my best behavior, right,
that's and so yeah, just that difficulty of you just
want to be a normal dude. Because I and I
love Chris, and I've tried to like Chris and I
text a little bit and can't hang out, no I can,
you know, we go, oh, we're on the road, okay.
And so we're having this party in my house over Christmas,

and we had all these fake casino as classy as
this song as it's exactly classy enough. This is exactly
the music. And so Chris and I just had this
conversation and I said to my wife. You know, we
should have write Chris and his wife over to this
casino party we're having. I went, oh, it's gambling. My
wife goes, you're doing exactly what you talked about, and

so I said, oh, that's a great point. So I
text Chris and I said, hey, Chris, you should come
when he's on the road. Sadly or he does. Didn't
like the fake gambling, but I fell fell into that
trap too, where I was like, I'm stake gambling. We
shouldn't invite Chris over because fun things are happening. Don't
call Chris yes too much fun. But I I was

a hypocrite but didn't mean to be because I like,
that's got to be hard Chris. People, I would never
do that to you. And I'm like, well there's blackjack,
so Chris I doesn't want to come. That'd being said.
I think you are just the friendliest, like you're one
of the rare guys that I have met professionally, and
I'm like, I want to be friends with that dude.
So I'm just a dude. Man, I'm just a guy.
And I said, dude, just a guy, and I and
I'd love to come to that and I was so honored.

You wouldn't invite me, and I would totally enjoy see
there we go. And that's especially enjoyed because the gambling
was bless all the time, just playing music for a
show like scoring the show. Yes, there was gambling, but
it was a real gambling, not real, but then also
a donation with I donated at charity to whoever won.
There's money. I love that. See even better, nothing says

the Lord like charity. All right, I'm with you, but amen,
it's sinning for a good cause. That's well, okay, look
that's what I want to say. Chris, You're just awesome.
Thank you, bye blessing. Yes, sir, what an introduction. You
sound so good. Your story is just one. Your story
is wonderful. I'm glad you've been here with us. I

want everybody to check out tonight. Ready we'll do this,
will do you? All right? Go to Chris Tomlin's YouTube
and Facebook the livestream if you're in Nashville. Uh, tickets
are up, and you go to Good Friday Nashville dot
com and let's do it. Guys. It's been awesome for me,

hope it's been fun for you. Chris Tomlin a blessing offer.
Let's go to nice Job fellas awesome. It's the best
bits of the week with Morgan. Number two, Lunchbox made
a big claim he likes to go out and try

and score some big interviews for the show so we
can send it in and talk about things. Well, he
claimed he interviewed Tom Hanks and even just saying that
nobody believed him, but he had audio, so we were waiting.
He was out sick and we had to wait for
it some more. Well we finally heard the audio. I'm
just gonna leave that the number three. I'd like to
apologize in advance because I feel like this is gonna

be a dumb segment because I got a note. Because
everybody's trying to find interviews, we always trying to find
compelling stuff for the show. I got a note Sam
Lunchbox interview Tom Hanks, and that just wouldn't have not
come through me or Scooba Steve. And so then when
he was sick, he was until you took it with him.
He wouldn't let us listen to it while he was sick.
So I know this is dumb, but he keeps saying

he interviewed Tom Hanks, go ahead and lunchbox before I
played the clubs. I've heard nothing yet, but so go ahead. Look, guys,
we're always trying to get big guests, and Bobby I
don't know who gets all these guests for us, Scuba
hunts him down. Well, I said, you know what, I'm
gonna go look it. So I got us Tom Hanks.
I mean Tom Hanks. Everybody likes Tom Hanks. Don't think, Hey,
what'd you really do? I called Tom Hanks and got
him on the phone. You called Tom Hanks, So it

must just be somebody named Tom Hanks found it on
the web. His numbers out there. The Tom Hanks are
a different guy named Tom Tom Hanks. Okay, the actor
Tom Hanks is you know he's doing this crap right?
What do we have? How many clips? Three? Clips? And
is it just him talking to him? It's my phone call? Okay,

go ahead, he is as in Tom Hanks. Yeah, this
is him, dude, Oh my god, this is Jason Goodwant
I'm a fan. It's a voice recording. It's something he's
playing and started clips in right, Well, that didn't sound
like Tom Hanks. Yeah, it just sounds like Tom May's.
Like I didn't know. I feel like it's a random guy.
Oh you do, I feel like Tommy. Well, let's listen

a little more then, like I love you big, I
mean saving Private Bryan, the Road Perdition, I mean toy Story.
Oh my goodness, Yeah, that's the actor Tom Hanks. Yea, yeah, hey,
I got a question like in Castaway when you're like,
whoa sir? Can you do that line for me? Well? Friend, yeah,

I can do it. But the thing is is I'm
not the the actor. Oh yeah, yeah, sure you're not.
Yeah yeah, yeah, whatever, okay, yeah yeah, Like is Rita there? Okay,
Rita you guys? Right, Well, here's the thing I figured it,
which is a Tom Hanks. I have two other clubs
that about a minute long. I don't know that I
want to hear them. Well, hold on, you got to
hear it. Is it the same bit though? Right? No, no,

it's not the same bit, So he probably called a
different Tom. What'd you do? In clip two? That guy
hung up on me? I know? But then what you
do called Tom back? Same Tom? Guyote? I mean I
gotta get Eddie a shout out from Tom Hay, you
want to hear the clip, yester? No, I do want
to hear it. Go ahead, this is tom ah Sorry,
I think we got disconnected, mister Hanks, like I mean

freaking Tom has technically you you are right, this is
really Tom Hank. Yeah. And like Eddie my my co
worker and friend, he is like he's such a huge
thing and he's just like setting him a little message. Yeah,
I can totally do that. If you want to say
anything to Hooge too. I am hanging out with him
later too, if you want to deliver a message. Yeah,

I mean the dog is still I mean, how cool, Like,
how did you train that dog to be sold? Bit? No,
it's the same thing. You're just acting like Tom Hanks
yelling go ahead. Can you just keep it going? Why
you gotta hang out? I mean, you know, I mean,
when do we get Tom Hanks on the phone. We
don't have the actor Tom Hanks on the phone. I
would go to discontinue the bit. It's up to you

guys about to continue Eddie. I kind of want to
hear the shout out he ever does it? Amy, I'm
I'm good moving on, Amy, Amy, don't be rude? Oh
what not rude? Play the right? Can you play the
rest of the clip. Play the rest. Good to Turner
and Hoop. I mean we just basically use liquor to
bribe the dogs. But yeah, it was pretty fun hanging
out with him. And what about a lieutenant Nan? Do

you still talk to him? Sure? Okay, he didn't even
get a shout out. I have another one minute clip.
I just can't do it. Guys, Wait, wait, wait, play
the last one. Why it's the same same thing as
we got disconnected? You know, maybe maybe he has some
inside on how to get old. Should I play her? Now? Well,
this is where I think the guy gets upset, so

if you want to pay it off shore. But that's
a good point. Let's hear him already this far. Anyway,
I'll keep going. Let hello, Tom, Like, I don't know
if you have bad sell or what, but we keep
getting disconnected like you are. We're not getting disconnected, dude,
I slip. I humored you. I get what you're doing.

You're not the first dude to do this, but like,
come on, the real Tom Hanks is like in Greece
or something like, what is your problem? Dude? I told
you that's not me. I'm just some guy. I do
real estate. That's why I have to keep answering my
phone with my name? Anyway? How do you find time
to sell houses when you're still like acting? Is there
like a bad connection? Like you not here that I'm

not the Tom Hanks bro? What's chat doing? Is he's
chat there with you? Are you having lunch with him
and Rita today? Actually? I'm shooting Forrest Gump too, and
then I'm selling a duplex after this. It's gonna be dope. Oh.
I feel bad for the guy now. He's like, I
go by the name Tom Hanks. Is his name Thomas Hanks,
Thomas Hanks. I think it was Tommy Hanks. I think

about And how did you find I? Just Google? Man,
that's what you did for fun? Google just looking up
some celebrities, see if I can find some numbers. And
I came across a Tommy Hanks or Thompson Thompson Hanks
something like that and gave him call. That's why I
wouldn't let us listen to him. Why he was gone,
because he knew what we'd go. Oh boy, hey, man,

tell me that wasn't fun though. Everybody, if you if
you say hey, coming up, we got Tom Hanks on
the phone. Tell me people that's misleading. Uh, do we
have Tom Hanks on the phone. We didn't say we're
having the Tom Hanks on the phone. We say we're
having Tom Hanks on the phone. So if Garth Brooks
was coming in, it's a different Garth Brooks. Yea. If
it's the real I say the Garth Brooks yeah. And

if not, as you say, we have Garth Brooks in studio. Next,
thank you Lunchbox for that bit, hey, and thank you
Tom for taking time. He didn't want to take the time. No,
he hates it's the best bits of the week with Morgan.
Number two. It was employee of the month's time. Obviously

we just had a month end, and so on Monday
of this past week we found out the employee of
the month on our show for March. And I'm just
gonna say that I predicted this. As I was writing
this speech that I was going to give to be
like this is why I should win, I was writing like, no,
this is why they should win, because like I feel
like this is the right timing for a lot of

things that they should win. I predicted that, and they
are the winner. So without further ado, you are finding
out Bobby Bone show's Employee of the Month for March
number two, it's time for the employee of the month.
You know you've all been great this month. Oh thank
you man. But one person's gonna win Employee of the month.
Who do you think should win? Eddie me? Why? Yeah,

I'll tell you what month was. March was my birthday,
So my birthday, it's awesome mine too. Yeah, so we're
gonna find for it Amy. Who I mean, that's the
best birthday gift ever. Employer of the Month. Did you
plan a speech? Yeah? Go. So the month the March,
I became easy trivia champ again. I spilled the tea

on lunchbox again because of me. We got a brand
new soap dispenser in the bathroom because I spilled the
tea on lunch and I was gonna end with it.
Was my birthday too, so happy birthday to me. Employee
the month one of the beds though you did it
was really good. Was you listening to music in your
air pods as a grocery store ex You didn't realize
it wasn't going through air pods, which was just blurting
from your phone in your pocket. Yeah, but that was
dumb of me, so I didn't want to bring that

back up again. It's not you, Eddie. I'm sorry. Oh
you're not employee the month there? Amy, Who do you
think it should be? I mean, I don't like to
say myself, but I did bring a lot to the
table this month. Okay, So from mom confessions, like there
was a couple of things I admitted about my kids
where it led to a lot of people calling in.
I helped people with their health by talking about what

doctors say you should know, like don't have medicine in
your bathroom, because did you make it go bad? Plan
a speech in case you did. I mean this speech
is not very good. Oh I didn't go to the speech.
Oh yeah, I mean I can do a speech. Yes,
you don't have to, like I'm planned, you have one written. Yes,
let's go. I don't I feel like you're not telling
me the truth. That's not a speech, Amy to you? Okay, lunchbox,

should you be the employee of the month. Yeah, let
me go ahead and get my speech right now. March
had highs and lows, just like our stocks. Amy could
win because yeah she got a divorce, but are we
really going to reward her for her marriage not working
out on her. Eddie brought as much interesting content as
he has hairs on the top of his head, which
isn't many Ray just like his height comes up just
a little short and unfortunately for Abby National Make a

Wish month isn't until April. That's pretty polar speech. That's
why I'm employed in the month. I kind of want
to switch it up and give it to him because
he didn't get it. But he's all hating on it.
I'm telling you, that's funny. He used us as content.
That's funny. He did a roast, but you didn't get
a lunch. I didn't get that speech was in this
month though for next month? Go What a way to

start the month. Man brought that brought that hammer. Raymonde.
You were up in the mix for you did reveal
your county music secret at to me and then we
decided since there was no valid source and we couldn't
share it for legal reasons, we wouldn't. And you also
talked about how much you got paid for vacation Part two? Yeah,
who course, um Abbey one blind karaoke and the IQ
test oh did yeah? Yeah, but it's not her, so

it's Morgan or Amy, don't forget about my tailbone. Oh
we can't. We can't forget about your tailbone keeps hitting
us and my cat mailing at me. Morgan, what was
your speech? Well, I believe I should win because I
am consistent. Consistency is key for any job. This month,
I got vulnerable confessing something that happened during a day

and something that happened at my house. And you know,
every single day of the week, I'm working hard to
connect with our listeners on social media. So it's gonna
be Amy or Morgan. That's easy. Yeah, that's and so
we're recognizing the member of the show who has brought
the best content, best storylines overall, has shined more than
anyone else, which, by the way, the last employee the
month went to Raymundo. Raymundo, you're you're exiting? Yeah, exactly
say that. Next champion, though, Well, it's tough to go

back to back, right, Kansas shot at Lunchbow and I'm
not worried about that. Still got that ring. Okay, if
you win, you get to pick a prize, Amy and Morgan.
If you win, you can spend the wheel of cash.
He goes one to one hundred, dollars. We put more
money up there in different spots. This time, I have
to pay that myself. Self promotion. You can promote whatever

you want fifteen seconds and get a dedicated employee the
month post on the Bobby Boncho Instagram pa. Or you
can block someone else from contention for three months, but
you can't block someone who's currently blocked. But nobody's blocked
right now. Yeah, all right, the winner is if employee
of the Month Amy. Even though Lunchbox said, Lunchbox, what

did you say about Amy? I said, Amy Goodwin. Yes,
because she got a divorce. But are we really going
to reward her for her marriage not working out? Okay,
I can't agree with that. I don't think that. That's
not the point. The point is whatever happened. You came
on and openly talked about it, and yeah, I get
that I was vulnerable, but also I feel like I
had other good ideas that had nothing to do with that. Yeah,

but that's what I wanted for the most part. You
came on and were was honest, and you know, Okay,
there's always like a big header of the month for somebody.
All right, Megan, note to me, why are you going
to divorce next month, Amy, would you like to spend
the will of cash self promotion? We can laugh no
or block someone from contention. It's still hard. Yeah, I'll
do self promotion. Okay wait, yeah, you don't whatever you

want for fifteen no, no will no, you can spend Okay, okay, no,
I got I gotta, I gotta get what you got
what I'm good, I'm good. You're gonna do self promotion? Yeah? Yeah,
fifteen seconds of self promotion gets time already, and then
we'll put a post on the Instagram page, just says Amy,
Employee of the Month, big fancy header ready, yes, and
fifteen seconds starts now. I would like for everybody to

go to their podcast app and they could like and
subscribe to four Things with Amy Brown because last week
I just put up my live episode from Nashville and
it's amazing and I love it. If you could also
leave a five star review, because that's helpful and fun
and I'm at Radio Amy on Instagram. You can find
all the links in my link tree. Good job. Thanks.

You can put all that on the podcast and the
all the podcasts for mission in her employ the Month plaque.
That's all on Instagram. Like, well, you can't really link
from the body of a Instagram. Okay, cool, you should
spend the wheel though, if you would have spun the wheel,
let's okay, let's it's one hundred dollars. You spend again

times three, so whatever it lands on you to got
times three. D dang, dang, dang, let's spend that. We
come on, come on, money, big money. Okay, you would
have made three dollars all right, Well that was close
to ten, which has been thirty dollars. Congratulations to ploy
the month there she has. Well, I just want to
thank our listeners too for being just super warm and

kind and loving through what was shared this month, because
that was hard and I was nervous that they have
made me feel super loved. He feeling pretty strong for
next month. That's pretty vulnerable, right there. She wins it again. Yeah,
because of that keeps dragging a dime. It's the best
bits of the week with Morgan number two, some really
feel good stories for y'all. We decided to share the

craziest random acts of kindness that have ever happened to us,
and everybody kind of had a story to share, and
one that I didn't get a chance to share with y'all,
but was really cool for me. When I first got
my jeep, my tire blew out and I did not
know how to change attire, especially on this new vehicle
that I had, and I was about forty five minutes
away from my parents at the time, and a stranger

stopped on the side of the road and helped me
change my attire and drove away like it was no
big deal. But I have remembered that moment forever and
I'll never forget it. And I just really hope that
stranger is out there living his best life because he
really helped me out. My parents weren't close enough to
come and help me, and they were trying to coach
me through it, but he came and he saved the day,

and that was something that I think about often. So
I wish I could stop and help people on the
side of the road more often. Being a woman, that's
not really an option for me a lot of the times,
but I wish I could because of this guy. So
that is why I like to stop for animals whenever
I see them, and I can help if I see
a stray dog or straight cat. That's my way of
helping and I can do it safely. So cool random

acts of kindness, and everybody on the show shared one,
and plus we also got something from listeners who shared
their crazy random acts of kindness. There's just this segment
reminded me that there is good in the world. Number one.
I want to know the craziest random act of kindness
that you have ever experienced, Eddie, I'm go to you first.
Go ahead. Yeah, this happened a long time ago, and
it's just one that's always stuck in my mind. My

wife and I we weren't married at the time, we
were still in college. We're dating and we wanted to
go see you two, and so we go to the
stadium and they're playing, but we don't have tickets because
we're broke, and so we just want to sit out
there and listen to music. And this guy comes up.
He's like, hey, you want to buy my ticket? My dude, sorry,
we don't have any money. We just came to listen
to the music outside the stadium. He's like, what you drove?
Like how far? About an hour? Look you know what, man,

I have tickets for sale. You can have one of them.
And I was like, awesome, and then somebody said I
heard somebody say that you don't have tickets, but you
guys just drove here. Yeah, here, take my ticket too.
So my wife and I got into the concert for free.
That's awesome, Like, that's just something I'll never make money out.
Both of them could have made money on. Absolutely, that's
a good one, Raymundo. Yeah, mine split between Bones and Amy.
Which one you want or both of them? What do

you mean like both of us did something? Yeah, you
when you my vehicle, I don't think I was on
its last leg. You bought me those nine hundred dollars
tires I needed where they each nine hundred over there
all together, all together. But otherwise, I mean I could
have gone on low harder. That's good though, Yes, I'm
just kidding ahead. And then the other one was we
were me and my wife were going to drive to
Michigan because I was going to a funeral, and Amy goes, no,

we're buying your flight. Come on. Yeah, so she wought
the whole night. That one, Dang, it's pretty awesome. Should
have been the news that he and now the news
that's good, okay, lunchbox, Well mine was I snuck down
to the expensive seats at a Houston Astro's game. They
were playing the Cubs, and I was like twelve, thirteen
years old. There was these two ladies there and they
started heckling me, saying, no Cubs fans allowed down here.

And I started talking to him back and forth, and
they're like, hey, if you ever need tickets to a
Astro's game, just email us. We have season tickets right
here behind the dugout, and so boom, I could go
anytime I wanted. Did you ever email? Yeah, numerous times
over the years, and you went, yeah, oh, you made
it sound like it was like present and future tense,
but you didn't do it. No, I went, I went
all the time. And they ended up. Those two women

came to our wedding. Really did we get him? How
crazy is that? That's a pretty good one. Yeah. I
still talked to him to this day. You're talking about
on Facebook Messenger while you're doing the show sometimes. No,
I do not have them on Facebook. Maybe they are
on Facebook. I didn't even think about the one lady's eighty.
She had her eightieth birthday and her daughter is like

fifty five fifty six. Story. Yeah, so I'm still friends
with them. To this day. And I met him when
I was like thirteen years old. That's good. They ever
come to your house. They have never been to my house,
but I have no, I haven't been going to Vegas
with you. I have not been there. I wonder if
i'll hit her up. This is the story that sparked

at all. This guy, Bill was picked up from a
dialysis center and so he needed a transplant because obviously
his kidney wasn't doing what it needed to do. Called
the n Uber and his Uber driver made him an offer. Listen, buddy, No,
the offer was a kidney. Oh yeah, there was no
negotiation for money or anything. On his way home, he

told the driver what was going on, and then all
of a sudden, he said, well, I think God must
have put you in my car. He says, if you'll
take my name and number and it works, I'll give
you a kidney. And the guy said, I didn't even
know if he was kidding or not. So in order
to qualify for the donation, that driver had to go
his name as last name was Let's. He had to

go and make sure he had compatible blood and tissue.
True to his word, he did all that and while
he was able to give him that kidney. Wild that's
crazy that it's just a dude who picked you up.
You're just talking and he still moved either by your
story or moved by him just wanting to help somebody out,

or I don't know, he gives you a kidney. That's
from the New York Post. You wonder if his other
family members were like, can you save that case? We
need to Probably not, probably not, but that is a
really cool story. And we were talking about random act
of kindness that have randomly happened to you. And so
we went around the room a little bit. We still
have more I can go with mine. I was listing
them out. I've really, in a lot of ways been

super fortunate. I'll just do when I was really young,
I remember being nine years old when we grew up
without a lot, and there was a knock at the door.
And there were times where and there were Christmases where
we really didn't get and it maybe one present, and
it was always something that we could also use. So
say knocked opened it and there was this lady but

the huge box and presents, and I thought she went
to the wrong door, and she was like, hey, is
this and We're like, yeah, she was, Hey, we just
wanted to drop these gifts off. I'd never seen her before,
don't know the family she was from. And when churches
sometimes it would show up too with gifts because we
would be on some list of families who needed help.
But it was her for some reason. She said, me
and my family wanted to bring you these gifts. And

it was like twelve big or at least medium to
big sized gifts. She dropped them off and we had
like a full Christmas. We didn't get to open them
that evening because my mom was like, we're not opening
that we get those are presents. We're gonna wait till
Christmas Day. Yeah, and so, but they I never knew
who it was. I can remember some of the gifts
that I got, and that was really one of the

best Christmases because there was no expectation of even only
getting at Christmas, but that lady in her family whoever
it was, decided to come by and drop it off.
Now nowadays I would be like, I don't know. I
have shame sometimes that we had to take so much
like charity wise, But then I didn't I was nine.
I know the difference at the time. That stuff didn't

hit me till like fourteen or I was just embarrassed
and didn't want to take anything. But I'm really grateful
for that. So that was one they came to my mind.
The second one was I was living in Little Rock
and I was driving to and from work, which was
like twenty five or thirty minutes, and I was doing
a night show, so I would do the evening show.
I would leave at one am. I ran out of gas,

like one of the only times I've run out of gas.
I remember pulling over. You kind of pull over, you
kind of are forced over because you're like, well, and
the gas station was probably a quarter of a mile away,
and I remember walking to the gas station. I was
gonna buy a gas can. I got up there and
there were no gas cans at the gas station. They
didn't have the little deals and I was like, oh crap,
so what do I do? And so I thought she

should have just buy a cup. I didn't really know
what to do with the game. And I came back
and for some reason, because I left the gas tank open,
it so when I filled my car up with gas
on the side of the road and they weren't even there.
When I got back, were at the gas gone. Yes, wow,
they must have known my car was out of gas
because I I'd opened the gas tank. I don't know
I even opened the gas tank then, maybe to see
if you could pour something. I don't know. So that

happened at one more too. You want one, yeah, I can,
or you because another one? I love you have all
these angels, I feel like I don't angel. I don't
know someone reckons filling up your gas tank. Okay, go ahead,
that's pretty good. Well, I feel like one of one
that I have. I have many, but so many people
helped us with our adoption from Haiti, but one family,

in particular, the Hamilton's, they it's wild out of they
did not have to take time to help me as
much as they did or help us. And they introduced
me to the former Prime Minister of Haiti, and I
flew to Haiti and met him. He had never never
met me, but because he trusted them, he took me
on and did everything he could to help us get

the kids. Because it had taken years, and I just
remember flying there to meet him. I didn't even I
had to google what he looked like. And then he
didn't know what I looked like, and I just went
up and said I'm Amy, and he's like, oh, yes, yes,
get in this car. And I was like, okay, all right, right,
all right. I flew to Haiti alone because Ben couldn't go,

and I trusted him, and I really feel like he
introduced us to a lot of people that helped us
get the kids. And because we kept getting caught up
in paperwork that just wasn't all the walls were changing
and I was really scared we were gonna have to
just pick one. We were literally told, sorry, you can't
get both of them. You have to pick one. And
he helped us fix that. Yeah, yours one is. I
got gifts and gas, Amy get kids. They're all good. Hey, Mike,

do you want to do one? Yeah, here's Mike. I
was living in Austin, Texas, and I went into this
music shop. I saw my dream guitar that I wanted
I was a kid. It was a Fender Jazz Masters.
He foamed green and I was broke at the time,
so I just posted a picture on Instagram. I was like,
look how cool this guitar is. The next day I
get a call that that guitar had been paid for
in full and I could go pick it up. And

it was Bobby. He saw it my post angel, he
saw my post on Instagram and then got me my guitar.
I forgot about that. Wow, that's cool. I'm gonna post
a card, Bobby, make sure you look at my Instagram later.
Dream big. Let's go over to Tracy and Tulsa. We
have a lot of calls who want to talk to
you about this Tracy random act of kindness. It was
just like, Wow, I can't believe that happened. Morning, Bobby,

Morning studio. What's you guy? When I was in high school,
my dad was in the hospital for several months. He
had a staff infection that localized in his back and
I needed to have my wisdom teeth out, and so
one of our family friends was an oral surgeon and
he took my wisdom teeth out for free of charge.

Oh that's cool because he knew what your family was
going through. Yeah, yeah, gotta be thankful for that even today, right, Yes,
absolutely appreciate that call. Thank you. I have another one
that I wrote down and I can't tell what I wrote.
It looks like groaner. I grow there's an R in there.
I don't know. I wrote down a bunch of them,
and the three I moved over to the show today

bread multiplied. I know, I don't know. It's like a
doctor's prescription, except I'm the doctor. I want to try
to think of it. But I have another good one.
That's why I was like, any of you have one?
Because I had the two, I could read the third
one I wrote down. I can't tell what it is.
Let's go over and talk to Laura in Sarah Soda, Florida. Hey, Laura,

random act of kindness he had, Good Morning, Bobby Morning
Studio morning. Um. So, I have two boys that enrolled
in the Marines. And when my youngest went graduated Harris Island,
Boo Camp, the whole family went up and we went
out after graduation to celebrate to a really nice restaurant.

We were whooping it up. We had appetizers on trade,
several bottles of wine. Um, there are five of us.
The tab had to have been over four hundred dollars
and wh we went to pay the bill, somebody UM
picked up our cab. Thanks significant, that's awesome, And did
you know who it was? Yeah? Nope, They wanted to

remain anonymous, Pip and everything. The owner just came over
and thanked both line boys for um their service, and yeah,
that's well. Yeah, I was gonna say, I can't believe
someone didn't like take credit, but I would like to
take credit now, well that you did it, or you'll
just take the credit because it wasn't. I will take
credit for it, you know what I mean. If you

want to say thank you to me, it's like, but
you didn't do it. Yeah, you never know. Maybe I
was there on vacation. What year was this, Laura, Um,
this would have been four years ago because he just
signed up for another five years. No, sounds about right.
I went on vacation twenty nine to where Paris Island? No, oh, well, okay,
Parris Island? Where's that? That's in North Carolina? No? Is

it North Carolina? Is it South Carolina? So that's easy
to confuse. Yeah, yeah, I mean I don't know. I
was running the ordered all over the place, right, Yeah,
all right, I appreciate that, Laura. Have a great day.
We'll have a not some day. Guy. Yeah, thank you
for sharing that with us. Let's go over to Tina. Tina,
you're on the Bobby Bones show What's going On Morning Studio.

So we had just moved to this smaller town in Arkansas,
and we didn't know anybody at the time. My son
had just started this new school and he was in
a really bad car accident. He was fourteen at the time.
So this was just over four years ago or so,
and he was lifelighted twice and some random person, which now,

of course, we're super thankful for her forever she's anyway,
she's stepped up and raised money for Jake, had the
news people come and had a parade ready for him
when he did get out of ICU. She'd paid every
she got it to where all of our expenses were
paid during the hospital stay, our kids who were watching

over the younger kids at home. They made sure they
had groceries. And I bet she raised him over thirty
thousand dollars in just community efforts. And she just was
an angel. And we never had met her ever in
our lives. That's crazy. Can we say, who's she? Well?
Does it meant a credit for that? Well, my mom

was an Arkansas for a few years and she did
some nice things. She was good at organizing. She knew
your mom this is your mom who did this? Yeah,
huh and you probably suggested it to her. How was
the one mom? We should throw a parraideers you know
what I'm gonna get on that, Tina. That sounds like
a completely like shaped part of your life because you
were able to, you know, have someone step in and help. Yeah,

I mean I can never even you can never repay
somebody who just steps up and they don't have to
in a way that's so big, Like Dad, I mean
without her. I mean you always think what would I
have done without her? I'm sure you would have got
and vibe, but it's just so moving. And then to

see him come home and Channel five News is recording
him going through this community in all that they have
done because of her, and it's awesome. That's great. Thank
you for the call. Hope you have a great day.
Thank you. It's the best bits of the week with

Morgan number two. That's it for me this week. And
y'all got to go hang out with my families in
town this weekend. They are ready for the Easter egg
hunt and ready to do some fun activities in Nashville.
You know, I do get hit up a lot asking
for Nashville recommendations, and if you go to my Instagram
page on the main profile, I have a bunch of
different highlights and one of those has nash recommendations. So

if you're coming to town at all this year, I
have a whole bunch of restaurants, things I've done, places,
and I tag everything so you can find them in
plan a trip for you there. But obviously if you
have more specified recommendations you're looking for, you can hit
me up in the DMS. But I do have a
whole highlight there for anybody who's asking, and also just
highlights on a bunch of other random things. So go
check out my Instagram at web Girl Morgan, and of

course make sure you follow a show at Bobby Bones Show.
All the things and more content than Jesse seven Bits
that I shared with y'all is up at Bobby bones
dot com, So go do that, go follow our accounts.
There's just a lot of content out there for y'all
to consume. And if you love all things Bobby Bones Show,
that's where you're gonna need to go. That's all I'm
gonna say. It's time for me to head out and
go enjoy the holiday. Weekend, which I hope you all

are also doing. I love y'all so much. By JS
Bobby Boss

Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2 - The Bobby Bones Show | iHeart (2024)


What's Bobby Bones real name? ›

Born Bobby Estell on April 2, 1980 in Hot Springs Arkansas, Bobby Bones grew up in a small town in Arkansas.

Where do they record the Bobby Bones show? ›

The Bobby Bones Show is an American nationally syndicated country music radio show aired during the morning hours. The Bobby Bones Show, which originally aired from Austin, Texas, now broadcasts from studios at WSIX-FM in Nashville. The show is syndicated by Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia.

What is lunchbox's real name? ›

Lunchbox (real name Dan Chappell) was delivering food for Jason's Deli at the time.

What is Amy's real name from The Bobby Bones Show? ›

Amy Brown, co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, did not plan on a career in radio. After finishing college at Texas A&M University, the Austin native started a career in sales, but randomly landed a job in radio after she met Bobby Bones at a restaurant.

What town in Arkansas is Bobby Bones from? ›

Early life and education. Bones was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on April 2, 1980, and raised in the small community of Mountain Pine, Arkansas. He has said his mother became pregnant with him at age 15, when his father was 17. He was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother.

How much is Amy Brown from Bobby Bones worth? ›

Earnings and Personal Life Insights. Amy has achieved numerous milestones in her career, and her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million. While she is unquestionably dedicated to her professional endeavors, Amy also holds her roles as a mother and wife dear to her heart.

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Is Bobby Bones married? ›

In July 2021, Bones married Caitlin Parker.

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Billy Bones is portrayed by Tom Hopper in the Starz original series Black Sails (2014–2017). In the episode "VI.", Billy's full name is revealed as William "Bones" Manderly.

Why is he called Bobby Bones? ›

Before his first shift, they fired somebody and told him it was his chance to go on-air, but he couldn't use his real name and could either go by Bobby Z or Bobby Bones. He thought they were both stupid, but he chose Bones because it sounded more like a pirate or human.

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